German high-end brand Audionet “restarts with full steam” at High End Munich 2105 says the company’s press release just in.  max_galerie_02

They will be in Showroom E101 where they say they will be showcasing:

  • new and better products (hard- and software)
  • new distribution concept
  • new marketing
  • new team
  • new power

Kit likely to be on dem will include Audionet’s Art G3 CD player along with their MAX monobloc power amplifiers.




Panamanian (now resident in Minneapolis,, USA) José James attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. In 2008, he debuted with his first album, The Dreamer, on the Brownswood label with Blackmagic following in 2010. 2010’s For All We Know came out on the Impulse! label and became the winner of both the Edison Award[ and L’Académie du Jazz Grand Prix for best Vocal Jazz Album of 2010. More »

Following its world launch at International CES 2015 in January, Chord Electronics’ latest proprietary DAC, the 2Qute, is now shipping globally. Now in full production at Chord’s riverside Chord_2Qute Top WHTheadquarters in Kent, the hand-made 2Qute is arriving in dealerships around the world.

The new 2Qute, which replaces the Qute EX, takes Chord’s proprietary FPGA DAC technology from the Hugo mobile DAC/headphone amp and adds it to the compact, boutique Chordette range.

2Qute advances the Qute EX into 2015 with the latest Hugo DAC specification. It brings the latest technology into a ‘pure’ DAC (no amp), which contains the same Spartan 6 FPGA used in Hugo. The 2Qute also boasts low distortion levels of 0.0003%.

The 2Qute offers support for up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24- bit/192kHz over optical. DSD64 is supported on all inputs and DSD128 is supported via coax or USB (all via DoP). The new DAC also gains a switch to easily move between coax, optical and USB digital inputs.

The device features a Class 2 USB input which, because of the 2Qute’s home-system orientation compared to Hugo’s more mobile aspirations, has been galvanically isolated. This has been achieved using a novel technique which allows for data rates of up to 384kHz; the input is driverless on Apple and Android devices, with (ASIO included) drivers for Windows devices. 

“The progression of the Qute, a 10,000 digital-tap-length series of  DACs started with the original product just four years ago, with the original 192kHz-capable Qute. It was followed a year later with the HD suffix when we gave the Qute full 384kHz capability, and the EX suffix followed when DSD capability and double-DSD (64 and 128) was added.

“All of these units famously used the same discrete pulse-array DAC board and it’s well known that Chord Electronics chose not to use industry-standard off-the-shelf chips sets. The development of these ground-breaking DAC designs gave Rob Watts, our design consultant, the proving ground for a totally new and holistic type of DAC design which was to become the mobile and desktop DAC, Hugo.

“Hugo has since become the benchmark by which all other DACs are judged and has just shy of 40 recommendations in the press; Hugo’s sonic credentials are undeniable. However, this gave Chord a problem: some customers were less keen on a mobile-orientated product in their home systems and felt Hugo had too many superfluous features for home use. They loved the idea of a simpler and ostensibly lower-cost DAC, but wanted the award-winning sound quality that only Hugo, with its digital tap-length of 26,000, can achieve.

“Rob Watts completely redesigned the Qute’s circuit board in order for it to contain Hugo performance levels without the mobile features, such as the volume control and batteries. Because the redesign was so extensive, we felt the Qute had to have a MkII designation, but 2Qute sounded undeniably better, so the name stuck!”

2Qute key features 

  • Coax, optical and USB digital inputs with input switch
  • Galvanically isolated Class 2 USB input up to 384kHz
  • Driverless operation on Apple and Android devices; drivers supplied for Windows
  • Support for up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz via optical
  • DSD64 supported on all inputs, DSD128 supported via coax or USB input (all via DoP)
  • Source and sample rate indication/illumination
  • 12V 5A power supply provided

The new 2Qute DAC is available now Price: £995


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Whilst visiting Munich for this year’s High End event you may find that you can drag yourself away from all the great audio, hifi and events that The High-End Society have laid on and so Hifi Pig thought we would put Cheers to Munich High End 2013together a list of attractions in Munich that you may like to consider visiting.

In previous years we have found that there is just so much to see at the High End show itself that there has been little or no time for extracurricular activities, other than those based around Munich’s nightlife… and what a great nightlife Munich has and so in this first instalment of “Things To Do In Munich Other Than The High End Show” we thought we’d kick off with a short list of some of the city’s better known drinking establishments – there are of course lots more!.

Most of the beerhalls will offer the thirsty audiophile a selection of beers along with a decent selection of food…which we have found surprisingly good and decent value, though mainly pig based which we of course don’t approve of!.

The main two beers that we have come across in Munich are Helles (pale, malty and quite strong) and Dunkle (rich and dark). You can order a small one or go all out and order a stein which should last all but the most fervent of drinkers at least a short while!

Augustiner Keller

Arnulf str. 52 – 80335 München – Tel. 0 89 594393

Augustiner Am Platzl

Orlando str 5 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 2111356


Sendlinger Str 14 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 2605026


Am Platzl 9 -80331 München – Tel 089 2901360

Zum Augustiner

Neuhauser str. 27 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 23183257

Zum Franzizkaner

Residenz str 9 – 80333 München – Tel  089  2318120

Booze wisely !




Pangea Audio has announced the introduction of the HP201 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amp with 24/192 USB DAC. The HP201 is now available with an MSRP of $299.99. Pangea_HP-201_front

The Pangea Audio HP201 combines Class A solid state circuitry featuring MOSFET output devices with a vacuum tube.

The Pangea engineering team, led by engineer/designer Jay Victor, selected MOSFETS rather than more affordable op-amp devices because of their performance advantages. “I tested a variety of solid state output devices and vacuum tubes in the design process of the HP201, selecting the combination I thought delivered the best performance despite their substantially higher cost,” reported Victor. The 12AX7 vacuum tube is protected by an easily removable shield, making it a simple task to swap in compatible tubes from different manufacturers for enthusiasts interested in experimenting with the sound..


The output stage of the HP201 is compatible with a wide range of headphone makes and models, and the analogue stereo outputs can be connected directly to a power amplifier and controlled using the large, aluminum volume control if desired. The HP201 also features a pair of auxiliary RCA inputs. The internal linear power supply features an upgradeable rear panel IEC connector, enabling the use of a premium Pangea power cable.

The HP201 is also a USB DAC. The 24/48/96/192kHz compatible input lets you play high-resolution digital audio files directly from your Windows or Mac computer. Conversion is managed by the Cirrus Logic CS4344 24-bit/192-kHz DAC chipset.


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Our friends at Blumenhofer Acoustics got in touch to let us know that they will be attending this years High End Munich where they will be in  room F224.Blumenhofer_high_end_munich_2015

for this year’s High End show they will use as a sourse the Air Force One Turntable from TechDas, developed by Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa, the former Technical Department Director of Micro Seiki, responsible for the acoustics imprint of that company and responsible for the creation of the legendary SX-8000II turntable.

Amplification will be from Germany in the form of Einstein Audio who will present its state of the art phono preamplifier.
The electronics chosen will be the top of what Einstein can offer – The Preamp, combined with The Silver Bullet.

Cabling is from a small Italian company called. Cammino who will deliver the cabling and the power harmonization for the whole system..

Loudspeakers will of course be from Blumenhofer themselves and they will have a pair od Genuin FS 1 MK 2 in olive veneer and most probably they will be able to show the new Genuin FS 3 MK 2.





Thore Pfeiffer is a young German producer who first came up on my radar on Kompakt’s excellent Pop Ambient album we reviewed back in October of last year. This is the second artist album to come from the Pop Ambient compilation series that is so carefully curated by label head honcho Wolfgang Voigt. More »

Tejada is a 41 year old producer and Dj based in LA who joined the Kompakt imprint in 2011 with Signs Under Test following his previous album The Predicting Machine and a load of 12 inchers.

This is very much in the bleep and beats techno category with Tejada working the machines at his disposal with assurance and self confidence to produce an album of individual tunes that work well together.

This is clever stuff that is best at home in the murky and dirty underground clubs  – no main room, four to the floor bangers here – but for the dedicated follower of anti-fashion this album is equally relevant in the sitting room.
What you have is a collection of tunes that hark back to the days of producers using proper synths and manipulating them to create that gorgeous analogue sound that many will be familiar with. More »

Astell&Kern has launched its most affordable high-resolution portable player yet – the AK Jr.AK Jr_10

Despite costing £399, the new AK Jr shares many features with its big brothers.

Its aluminium case, machined controls and performance immediately set it above sub-£500 rivals says the company’s recent press release.
24bit/192hKz high-resolution audio playback
Widest range of music file format support – including DSD
High-quality Wolfson DAC
Premium aluminium casing and textured aluminium volume wheel
Ultra-slim design – 6.9mm at slimmest point; 8.9mm at largest
Weighs just 93g
3.1in touch screen display
64GB of internal memory, expandable to 128GB via 64GB microSD card (multiple cards can be used if you want to carry more music).
Bluetooth 4.0 support: wirelessly stream to headphones/speakers.
Powerful, 1.95V RMS headphone output – drives headphones more effectively than smartphones or rival portables; no need for separate headphone amp.

The Astell&Kern AK Jr will make its European debut at the Munich High End show on 14th May. It will be in shops later in May, at a suggested price of £399.



Astell&Kern has launched its most affordable high-resolution portable player yet – the AK Jr.AK Jr_10

Despite costing £399, the new AK Jr shares many features with its big brothers.

Its aluminium case, machined controls and performance immediately set it above sub-£500 rivals says the company’s recent press release.
24bit/192hKz high-resolution audio playback
Widest range of music file format support – including DSD
High-quality Wolfson DAC
Premium aluminium casing and textured aluminium volume wheel
Ultra-slim design – 6.9mm at slimmest point; 8.9mm at largest
Weighs just 93g
3.1in touch screen display
64GB of internal memory, expandable to 128GB via 64GB microSD card (multiple cards can be used if you want to carry more music).
Bluetooth 4.0 support: wirelessly stream to headphones/speakers.
Powerful, 1.95V RMS headphone output – drives headphones more effectively than smartphones or rival portables; no need for separate headphone amp.

The Astell&Kern AK Jr will make its European debut at the Munich High End show on 14th May. It will be in shops later in May, at a suggested price of £399.


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British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC (Professional Monitor Company) has announced that High End 2015 (14th – 17th May) in Munich will see the European debut of the latest addition to its twenty series range – PMC_loudspeakers_Munich_High_End_2015the twenty.Sub. This new subwoofer, which has been designed for use with both music and movies alike, is available with the unique ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading principle, Class-D amplification, and  DSP control.

Visitors to PMC’s room, which is F123 in Atrium 4, will be treated to a full demonstration of the new twenty.Sub, highlighting the product’s wide-range of placement and connectivity options.

There will also be two 3-way floorstanding models on demonstration. The twenty.26, the pinnacle of the twenty series  and the svelte fact.12..

All speakers in PMC’s room will be driven by a Bryston electronics system featuring the BDP-2 Digital Player, BDA-2 External DACand 7BSST2 Mono Power Amplifiers.

There are other chances to hear PMC throughout the show. Cyrus Audio (Atruim 3, booth G10a) will be running systems using twenty.21 and fact.8, whilst Black Pearls Audio (Atrium 4, booth E01) from Greece will also be demonstrating twenty.21 on their stand. There is also a chance to hear PMC’s SE range, as PMC’s German distributor, Audio Concept, will feature the MB2 SE’s in their room (Atrium 4, booth E213). Those also visiting the HiFi Delux show whilst in Munich will have the chance to visit British brand Vertere, who will be running a demonstration using MB2 SE’s in a system designed without compromise.



adidas and Monster join forces again to unleash the adidas Sport by Monster in-ear headphones for athletes. The first models to hit the street are the adidas Sport Response™ by Monster and adidas Sport minster_adidas_in_ear_headphonesSupernova™ by Monster. Both models make their international debuts at the London and Boston Marathons at the end of April 2015.

The Supernova model offers total noise isolation, while the Response model has a non-isolating design that enables users to hear outside sound during activities such as running on roads or through urban environments.

Each model features Monster’s patented SportClip™ for a comfortable non-slip fit, as well as a 100% sweat-proof design with anti-microbial eartips. Calls can be taken with ControlTalk™ on-cable mics for hands-free control.

The adidas Sport Response by Monster and adidas Sport Supernova by Monster in-ear headphones will be available from May.

  • adidas Sport Response by Monster: £39.95
  • adidas Sport Response by Monster (with ControlTalk): £59.95
  • adidas Sport Supernova by Monster (with ControlTalk): £89.95

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Hifi Pig will of course be reporting extensively from this year’s Munich High End show but we are also keeping all our readers up to date with a daily update of the latest news from High End Munich 2015.MUNICHLOGOSQUAREMERRILL1

This week we have brought you news from the High End Society themselves and their new app plus what German Physiks, Wilson Benesch, CH Precision, Trinnov and TechDAS will be up to at Munich.

We’ve also news from Illusonic who will be sharing a room with Klangwerk, Avantgarde who always put on a good show at Munich, English manufacturer Talk Electronics and also what Italian company Portento Audio will be displaying at this years High End.

Please click on the following links for specific news items or here ot get all the news from the Munich show.

The New HIGH END 2015 App Is Now Available

German Physiks at High End Munich

Wilson Benesch, CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov to Partner at Munich High End

Illusonic Sharing a Room With Klangwerk at High End Munich

Avantgarde Acoustic Horns and Electronics At High End Munich 2015

Talk Electronics at Munich High End

Portento Audio Of Italy To Present At High End Munich


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British Hi-Fi brand Musical Fidelity bring balanced audio to the consumer headphone market with the launch of the MF200B headphone and partnering V90-BHA headphone amplifier.Musical_fidelity_headphone_amp

Available in May, the MF200B headphones and V90-BHA amplifier will be available individually for £250 each and as a pair for a special price of £450.


Based on the recently launched MF200 (Hifi Pig review is imminent), the MF200B has the same choice of design and materials plus the same micro vented, inert enclosure, specially selected and paired 40mm drivers and powerful neodymium magnets of the original model.

The MF200B has also been specifically modified for balanced audio with separate wired inputs into each ear cup, a thicker insulated cable, and a 4-pin locking, balanced connector.


The V90-BHA is a tiny package measuring just 117 X 47 X 70mm WXHXD.

The V90-BHA offers a high input impedance and low output impedance allowing connection to most sources and the ability to easily drive the vast majority of headphones (from 10 ohms to 600 ohms).

Distortion is typically less than 0.005% across the audio band.  The V90BHA also delivers a signal to noise ratio of better than 109 dB (‘A’ weighted).  The frequency response is 20 Hz to 80 kHz (-1dB).

Inputs include both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA while outputs include a dedicated four pin Mini XLR balanced connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack output, making the V90-BHA.


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Portento Audio is a new business based in Turin (Italy) devoted to the production and sale of hand-crafted hi-fi cables and accessories. powerstrip1

“Portento Audio’s mission aims to preserve the musical message in its entirety, focusing on the listener’s main target: Music. In order to achieve this, top-quality materials have been carefully chosen, like the low-mass RCA connector with a customized aluminium body. All this is meant to hit music at its heart, by delivering solid and exciting playback quality” comments Pier Paolo of Portento.

Portento audio delivers a wide range of products: from analogue interconnect cables to digital ones, USB, speaker and power cables.

Electronics includes a power distributor machined from aluminium and the versatile power distributor/conditioner Powercond. It’s about a mix of electronics and technology, which main feature consists of six switched outlets divided in two groups, a parallel power line filter, a galvanic isolation transformer for digital sources and a digital voltmeter.

Portento Audio is aimed to an audience who cares about quality, sensitive about finishes, but also to the budget-conscious audiophile.

Portento Audio will be present at the Munich High End 2015 Exhibition at Hall 03, Stand L04.



Hifi Pig becomes the latest media member of The Clarity Alliance.

The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, is pleased to announce that Hifi Pig, the rapidly growing online hi-fi magazine, is the latest member of the media to join the Alliance. The membership of Hifi Pig clarityfurther strengthens the communications abilities of Clarity as it works to spread the word about quality hi-fi and home entertainment to consumers.

Founded by longtime hi-fi and music enthusiast Stuart Smith, Hifi Pig is fast becoming a very popular destination for hi-fi fans across the UK and further afield. Based in north west France, Stuart and his wife, Linette Smith, run the magazine with a number of freelance reviewers who are all hi-fi enthusiasts and audiophiles with a great deal of experience across all branches of the industry.

Hifi Pig’s ethos has always been to be inclusive and, whilst its writing is often focused on “high-end” audio, the magazine is keen to engage with lovers of music who do not have vast sums to spend on equipment. An approach which is reflected in the breadth of news coverage and reviews and is in keeping with Clarity’s mission to make hi-fi exciting and available to all consumers.

Laurence Armstrong, chairman of Clarity, commenting on the membership of Hifi Pig says, “The media is hugely important to the ongoing development of The Clarity Alliance and the UK hi-fi sector through its role as the supportive voice of the industry. By working closely with all the media outlets we are able to collectively get our message out to the people we need to be hearing it.” He continues, “I am very pleased to welcome Hifi Pig into the Alliance as one of the new breed of dynamic media organisations routed in the very heart of our industry and look forward to working with Stuart and Linette for mutual advantage.”

Stuart Smith, owner and editor of Hifi Pig adds, “Hifi Pig is delighted to have been asked to take up membership of Clarity and we look forward to working closely with the Alliance in the coming months and years. Hifi Pig is only three years old, but it is clear that we have been recognised as a fresh and enthusiastic voice in the hifi world and our invitation to join Clarity further endorses this.”


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The blurb on the Naim Records websites says that Collected 1 is a collection of their favourite records from the last few years and succeeds the Naim Sampler series. It’s out on official release on 11th May and is available in hi-rez download or on limited and numbered vinyl.

Its a wide reaching collection in terms of the styles of music represented and I really like it for that, though there is a bit of an emphasis on the more jazz tinged. More »

Naim  today announced that Dr. Trevor Wilson will become Managing Director from 1 July 2015. Paul Stephenson, current Managing Director, will then move to the role of Chairman of the company. NAIM_news_headshot

Trevor Wilson has been with Naim for eight years, most recently as R&D Director, where he has led the team of 40 plus engineers. Trevor has a wealth of experience in developing high end audio products. Previously he held senior engineering roles at Bentley and Jaguar.

Paul Stephenson commented: “Naim has been a huge part of my life for over 30 years. I am immensely proud of the international brand we have built and the truly innovative contributions we have made to the audio industry.

“We are busier now than at any point in our history, with extraordinary products in development for our ever growing customer base around the world.

“Every successful organisation must plan for the future and now is the right time for me to take a step back and hand over the running of the business to the next generation, while I focus on our product development strategy. I can’t think of a better person to entrust the baton to than Trevor.”

Trevor Wilson added: “I have loved the challenge of developing Naim’s industry-leading products and I am honoured to now be leading the Management team. We have a well- established, long-term strategy for growing the Naim brand. I look forward to working with our hugely talented team and our valued partners to deliver that.”

Christophe Sicaud, CEO of Vervent Audio Group, parent company of Naim, added: “Paul has been central to the phenomenal success of Naim over so many years. He has helped to shape Naim into the world leading brand we see today. I am delighted Naim has a worthy successor in Trevor, who brings a wealth of engineering expertise and experience to the role. Naim is an engineering led company and it is that focus, on developing the best possible products, that will ensure its continued success.”

“Trevor is also supported by an excellent leadership team spanning the central functions of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales. Naim’s management team has never been stronger.”

“I thank Paul for his huge contribution and I am delighted he will continue to be a key member of the Naim family for years to come.”


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“The new Yggdrasil DAC from Schiit Audio is an entirely different take on “end-game” DAC design, eschewing the now-standard delta-sigma and DSD-optimized architectures to deliver optimal performance for the yggy-main-100099.99% of recorded music out there—music in PCM format” says the opening lines of Schiit’s latest press release.

“Yggdrasil was designed with a single goal in mind: to give you the most from the music you already have,” said Mike Moffat, Co-Founder of Schiit Audio. “It’s the end result of five years of research into digital filter algorithms, resulting in a unique closed-form digital filter running on an Analog Devices SHARC DSP processor, as well as four true 20-bit Analog Devices DACs running in differential configuration.”

Yggdrasil, or “Yggy,” as the DAC in known informally at Schiit, supports all PCM formats from 16/44 to 24/192 through all inputs, including USB, AES/EBU, BNC, Coaxial, and Toslink optical. From there, the all-new USB Gen 3 input receiver and Schiit’s proprietary Adapticlock™ system manages clock regeneration. The SHARC DSP processor implements Schiit’s proprietary 18,000+ tap digital filter algorithm at 352.8 or 384kHz sampling rate and 20-bit depth, which is then passed to the AD5791 DACs and a discrete JFET output buffer. Yggy outputs both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA (summed) analogue simultaneously.

“It’s the best DAC I know how to build,” Mike summed up. “We’re very proud of its performance—and we’re very excited to be able to deliver this level of performance to the overwhelming majority of PCM music that everyone already owns.”

Like all Schiit products, Yggdrasil is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, with the vast majority of its total production cost going to companies manufacturing in the USA, and local assembly, testing, and support through Schiit’s Valencia, CA offices.

Yggdrasil, (in Norse legend, the “world tree” or source of all things) is available to order now on the website for $2,299.


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Simon Lomax is predominantly known as a producer of music for film and television, but his self released A Glimmer Of Memory sits firmly in the ambient and atmospheric category.

The six tracks on this album are sparse, with pads ebbing and flowing to produce an album that is quite beautiful in its textural quality and ability to trigger an emotional response – All That Is Gone has a mournful and eerie quality to it that is somewhat sad whilst At First Sight manages to conjure a much more positive and forward looking vibe.

A Glimmer of Memory is best listened to with the lights dimmed whilst sat in your favourite armchair and allowing the music taking you along with its natural flow.

This is electronic music, of course, but it manages to remain organic and pure in the feeling it conveys. A tune may produce a contemplative response or a more uplifting reaction, and this is certainly music for the mind and not the body.

There is an instant calming of all senses whilst it is playing Glimmer and whilst it meanders, twists and flows you can’t help but be drawn in to its soundscapes. Linette on first hearing it said it was “like tripping but without the drugs”

Beautiful and highly recommended!  

Drummers have a hard time of it. You’ve all heard the jokes: How do you know when a drummer is at the door? The knocking speeds up. Or alternatively: How do you know when a drummer is at the door? He doesn’t know when to come in.

It’s fair to say that, generally speaking, solo albums by drummers are only of interest to other drummers. That certainly isn’t the case with Cheating The Polygraph. Gavin Harrison drums with The Porcupine Tree and is currently one of three drummers in the latest incarnation of King Crimson. For Cheating The Polygraph , Harrison has taken eight Porcupine Tree tracks and reimagined them in a jazz big band style. More »

New British hi-fi brand, Modern British Audio Company, is launching the Status integrated amplifier. With a strong emphasis on minimising noise and distortion the Status will be a dual mono design.MBACo Status_angle

Manufactured in the UK, from largely British sourced components, the Status comprises two separate 170 watt per channel (8 ohm) monobloc amplifiers within the casework, which are coupled to an analogue control pre-amp stage.

Digital and analogue power supplies are utilised for the pre-amp section, with an advanced switch mode design offering very low standby dissipation that is then regulated using linear regulators to provide clean supplies for the pre-amp control and DAC sections. Ultra-low noise regulators are used in a two-stage regulation design for the analogue side of the pre-amp.

The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and DAC allows high quality streaming of music from iOS, Android and Windows devices using A2DP and AVRCP 1.4 protocols. The DAC’s differential analogue outputs are coupled directly to a dedicated differential pre-amp input to maintain signal integrity, reject noise and minimise distortion.

The emphasis on differential circuit design, utilised in the pre-amplifier, is carried through to the Bluetooth input, which is also differential, as is the dedicated XLR input. Four single ended inputs are provided, but these too take advantage of the differential circuit topology, allowing each single ended input to operate with single point grounding.

Substantial power supplies, separate for each individual mono channel, provide high current capacity for the power stages and a separately regulated higher voltage supply to the power amplifier’s input and driver stages. A total of 80,000uF storage capacitors are used in the amplifier. Circuit design within the power stages has been as carefully planned as the preamp stage, with the use of field effect transistors in critical circuit positions, including the output stages.

Physical connection to the Status is via three sets of phono inputs, a 3.5mm front mounted socket and the balanced XLR inputs. Left, right and subwoofer pre-amp outputs are provided and the speaker terminals are fitted with WBT posts. The Status also features a dedicated Class A headphone amplifier.

Control is via the IR remote and provision has been made for integration into control and distribution systems via the RS232 port.

Darren Hollands, of Modern British Audio Co. says, “The Status represents our first amplification product and is a no compromise design; a substantial and impressive statement piece that shows off the brand philosophy of MBAco. Namely, producing hi-fi products and in this case an amplifier, that delivers a powerful yet transparent sonic performance to enhance people’s enjoyment and to reveal musical detail they’ve never heard before. Coupled with our new loudspeakers, MBAco will be bringing a whole new level of musical enjoyment to the Bristol show visitors and wider consumer base.”

£6295 UK MSRP inc. VAT


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UK manufacturer Talk Electronics will be at the HIGH END 2015 in Munich, Germany from 14th – 17th May. You’ll find them on stand H2, M01. where you will get the opportunity to see their  four TALK systems:TT-Lite

Apprentice TT turntable with C100 cartridge

Apprentice LITE TT (Pictured)

Apprentice IA Manual amplifier with Phono input

Apprentice SP miniature floor standing speakers

Hifi Pig will certainly be along to say hello!





Avantgarde Acoustic will have a  “traditional” showroom E124 in Atrium 4 at HIgh End Munich 2015, with ample space for displaying and demonstrating their unmistakable horn loudspeakers (which Linette was so taken by a couple of years ago) Avantgarde Trios Sideand electronics that the brand has also become famous for in the past 24 years.

If the last years dem’s have been anything to go by this is a must see room at this years Munich High End show.



Illusonic will exhibit at the High End Munich show where they will present with both a booth and a room shared with loudspeaker manufacturer Klangwerk.SONY DSC

On the booth at D29 in Hall 4 the  Swiss company will explain their products, display their different IAP models and demonstrate their system/room calibration service.

In Atrium 4, Room F 231 B they will demonstrate IAP 4 with Klangwerk loudspeakers:

The system will comprise:

IAP 4,  Klangwerk Ella for main left and right loudspeakers, Klangwerk Muro on/in-wall surround loudspeakers and BMzC acoustic elements.

Sources connected to IAP 4 will include: HDMI universal player (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu ray), Network Media Rendering and keeping the vinylistas happy a  Thorens turntable.



UK Hifi Brand Wilson Benesch will form a partnership with CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov at the Munich High-End 2015.wilson-benesch-endeavour-carbon-fibre-loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch will be at MOC Messe to partner its Endeavour loudspeakers with CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov Audio in a presentation featuring digital and analogue replay systems, amplification and digital room correction systems.

Wilson Benesch will be exhibiting the Endeavour loudspeaker constructed from carbon fibre composites and aluminium and which stand at an imposing 1.47m in height. The Endeavour’s drive unit compliment is comprised of the latest Wilson Benesch drive technologies; the Tactic II drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter combined with the new Carbon-Nanotech Enclosure – a bell-shaped carbon-nanotech composite structure which isolates the midrange and bass air volumes entirely.

CH Precision

Swiss company CH Precision will provide amplification, power conditioning, digital-to-analogue conversion and digital replay. The A1 Amplifier, C1 Controller and D1 CD/SACD Transport will form the backbone of the Munich High End 2015 presentation, with further support from the X1 Power Conditioners.

TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc., the distributor of a multitude of high-end audio components in Japan, including Wilson Benesch, CH Precision and Trinnov Audio.

In 2012, Stella Inc. launched the TechDAS ‘Air Force One’ turntable. In 2014, TechDAS introduced the Air Force Two. The Air Force Two turntable, a less expensive variant of the original design which retails at £79,000, uses trickle-down technologies from the flagship, including the air bearing and the vacuum disc suction from the Air Force One.

TechDAS will present at the Munich High End 2015, the Air Force Two Turntable.
Trinnov Audio

French room optimisation experts Trinnov Audio will present the Amethyst stereo processor at the Munich High End 2015.

Wilson Benesch, CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov audio will be exhibiting in Room F203 of the MOC Messe Exhibition Centre.





British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC (Professional Monitor Company) has announced the appointment of Paul Desmond in the role of Export Manager For Asia Pacific. Desmond will be responsible for all sales of PMCDesmondPMC’s  consumer audio products across the region, managing the distribution network.

Desmond brings to PMC a wealth of international sales experience built up over 25 years. With past export management roles at Naim Audio, Acoustic Energy and most recently at Bowers & Wilkins, Desmond offers a rare mix of sales and business development experience, which is ideally suited to PMC’s drive to continue developing its overseas presence.

Miles Roberts, Managing Director at PMC, says: “We are delighted that Paul has joined PMC and welcome him to the team. His experience speaks for itself, as does his understanding of high-quality audio, which is crucial as we continue developing our overseas markets. We know that his professionalism and dedication will be a great asset to the business.”

Paul Desmond adds, “PMC is one of the few brands that shows a genuine passion for what it does which, when combined with its professional heritage and award-winning product range, makes it one of the most respected companies in the business. This is a really exciting time for the brand, as it continues to develop its consumer audio product range across the globe. I am thrilled to be a part of what is undoubtedly going to be a very successful period for the company.”

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UK brand Trinity has announced that it has smashed its Kickstarter target of £40,000 after only eight days. Raising funds to develop its range of three UK-designed IEMs, Trinity exceeded its target with an impressive 22TECHNE_MIRROR days still to run, with backers continuing to pledge to the campaign. The funds raised enable the company to continue its development and bring the products to market, with investment particularly focused on tooling, packaging and production component costs.

Although a new name to the personal audio market, Trinity’s founders have years of experience creating IEMs for other brands.

Bob James, Chief Designer at Trinity, said, “With the wealth of earphones on the market today, we feel that there is a real demand for products that offer true audiophile performance at very realistic prices. Every Trinity product is engineered foremost for its sonic performance and the results speak for themselves.”

Three models represent the launch of Trinity:


One of the world’s smallest and lightweight (just 13 grams!) in-ear monitors available, the HYPERION features custom designed 8mm Neodymium drivers housed in an all-aluminium driver housing. The unique 1.2m multi-braid cable offers long-term durability and is terminated with a 3.5 mm gold plated stereo jack plug. HYPERION will be available to purchase for £30.00 Inc. VAT


The TECHNE uses the same audiophile grade Neodymium drivers of the HYPERION, whilst incorporating 3 x tuning filters that allows the user to tune the IEM’s to their preferred tastes. By unscrewing the filters and replacing them with the alternative options, users can increase bass, enhance treble or select an even audio balance across the entire frequency range. TECHNE will be available to purchase for £65.00 Inc. VAT.


Also featuring the same 8mm neodymium driver, DELTA also packs in Trinity’s custom-tuned single balance armature for increased performance. The same interchangeable filtering system as the TECHNE and 1.2 multi-braid cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug completes the package. DELTA will be available to purchase for £90.00 Inc. VAT.


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Acoustic Energy is undergoing a raft of changes to re-establish itself as one of the UK’s leading hi-fi loudspeaker manufacturers. “With a new Managing Director, new global and domestic sales teams and investment AEnewsfrom its new $20 Billion joint ODM parent, Wistron, Acoustic Energy is now well placed to achieve its future growth objectives” says the company’s press release.

Neil Truckell has agreed to return to the company he left over seven years ago to start his own successful marketing and sales consultancy… which he will continue to run independently and with industry colleagues. Richard Stevenson (RSPR) also returns, having worked extensively with AE in the past. Ric has a rich history of consumer electronics PR having worked for many well-known brands and media titles for over 25 years.

Comments MD, Neil Truckell: “Having launched the world’s first Wi-Fi radio in 2005 and a Bluetooth speaker for mobile operator ‘Orange’ in 2006, AE has been no stranger in targeting new markets with new technologies.  Now, with the recent investment from Wistron and FPI, we plan to re-energise the Acoustic Energy brand with a new ID and new products across categories to be launched later this year. This will  allow the company to re-build its share within our core market, in addition to moving into new sales channels with related product categories such as Portable audio, PC/Mac/TV systems and Multi-Room audio.”


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German Physiks will be demonstrating their new HRS-130 loudspeakers in room F210 at the Munich High End Show in May.  This features their proprietary omnidirectional wide-band DDD driver in an octagonal cross German Physiks Unlimited Mk II Ultimatesection cabinet, with a 10-inch downward firing woofer in the base. The standard finish for the HRS-130 is black or white high-polish black polyester.  The HRS-130’s crossover has been developed from the new design in their best selling Borderland Mk IV loudspeakers. HRS‑130 prices start at £11,900.

Also on demonstration will be a luxury version of their Unlimited Mk II loudspeakers called the Unlimited Mk II Ultimate.  This is the same basic design as the Unlimited Mk II, but the acoustic vinyl finish has been replaced with a luxurious all-over high-polish polyester finish, which is available in black, white, yellow and red. Unlimited Mk II prices start at £8,900.

Renowned German pianist and composer Martin Vatter will be giving his popular presentations again in the German Physiks room this year.  Martin is also well known as an audiophile and he will be talking about how this has influenced his purist style of recording, as well as playing tracks from his extensive repertoire.



Chameleon embodies all of the iconic design elements of Sonus faber while offering a level of customization previously unattainable in this market segment: the entire cabinet is covered in leather; driver flanges are SF_Chameleon_loudspeakerembellished with aluminum trims; the side walls house the exchangeable side panels via a system of pins which allows for their simple removal and replacement.

Thanks to this design, choosing the finish is no longer a permanent decision. Instead it becomes something that identifies the speaker, something that can evolve together with customer’s taste.

For the Chameleon collection, Sonus faber’s designers have developed cabinet shapes and proportions that aim to control internal resonance and easy integration into rooms. All the driver components are built exclusively for Sonus faber. Other special treatments during assembly put the finishing touches on the drivers before being sent to the production line.

A floor-standing model, a bookshelf speaker, and a centre channel provide a range of combinations that are well-suited to any environment, from the largest living room to the most intimate listening room.

Sonus faber Chameleon side panels are available in 6 different finishes: WHITE, BLACK, METAL BLUE, METAL GREY, ORANGE, RED.

Chameleon B Chameleon T Chameleon C
Loudspeaker System 2 way bookshelf vented box 3 way floorstanding vented box 2 way closed box with passive radiator
Tweeter 29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome driver with no ferrofluid. Sonus faber design.



1×150 mm. Free compression basket design and thermo- mouldered polypropylene cone (PP). Ultra dynamic performance and linearity. Sonus faber design.



1×150 mm. Free compression basket design and PP cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity.

Sonus faber design.

1×150 mm. Free compression basket design and PP cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity.Sonus faber design.



2×180 mm. Free compression basket design and PP cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity.

Sonus faber design.


Passive radiator

1×150 mm. Free compression basket design and PP cone. Sonus faber design.
Crossover point 2.500 Hz 250 Hz – 2.500 Hz 2.000 Hz
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 25.000 Hz 38 Hz – 25.000 Hz 50 Hz – 25.000 Hz
Sensitivity (2.831V/1m) 87 dB SPL 90 dB SPL 87 dB SPL
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm
Suggested amplifier power output 30W – 150W

without clipping

40W – 300W

without clipping

30W – 150W

without clipping

Long-term max input voltage (IEC-268-5) 20V rms 22V rms 20V rms
Dimension (HxWxD) 315,5 x 185 x 283 mm 1060,3 x 270 x 355 mm 199 x 540 x 228 mm
Optional stand (HxWxD)  

725 x 306 x 370 mm



Total dimension 1040,5 x 306 x 370 mm 1060,3 x 270 x 355 mm 199 x 540 x 228 mm
Weight 6,7 Kg each 24,5 Kg each 8,1 Kg

The Chameleon will be available from Sonus faber dealers and distributors in April.


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The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, welcomes to its membership the new UK based business, Entotem, producers of the award winning Plato multimedia home entertainment system.clarity

Launched at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, in February 2015, Plato is Entotem’s innovative home entertainment server and streamer product that the company says will “revolutionise the streaming and enjoyment of music and video around the home.” The new product connects with existing hi-fi equipment such as turntables, legacy analogue sources such as cassette players and also current digital components like CD players, TVs, and DVD/ Blu-ray players, to permit playback via its high performance amplifier and a pair of connected loudspeakers. Where Plato differs from other products is in its ability to automatically record from legacy analogue devices (and digital devices) in a high-resolution 24bit/192kHz format to its internal storage for later replay. Records, CDs, videos and DVD collections can be stored together in one place. Designed as a one-box media management system for the whole house, Plato can simultaneously stream multiple audio and video content to other connected devices.

After being voted the “Most Innovative Room” by the panel of judges in the 2015 Clarity Best of Show Awards at the Bristol Show, the company applied for membership of the Alliance.

Managing director Martin Boddy says, “We are delighted to become the latest member of Clarity, because since our launch in February at the Sound and Vision Show, we view the Alliance as being a key partner in our development as a business. With the hi-fi market in recovery and gathering new momentum, it is an exciting time for Entotem and the team to be able to stimulate more growth. As a new start-up, we hope our innovative and unique first product, Plato, will bring renewed interest in the hi-fi and home entertainment market, which will benefit everyone within the industry.”

Laurence Armstrong, Clarity chairman, adds, “The judges at this year’s Best of Show Awards were unanimous in their praise for Entotem’s Plato. It was very encouraging to see not only a hugely original product launched at the show, but one from a new start-up British business and we hope this bodes well for the continued recovery of the UK’s hi-fi sector.” He concludes, “The board of Clarity is very pleased to welcome Entotem as members of the Alliance and we look forward to working with the business owners and following the success of Plato at home and abroad.”


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Following the rebranding of Sansui UK as Mitchell and Johnson at CES 2015, the new British based hi-fi manufacturer is launching its integrated amplifier with built in 24bit/192kHz DAC and a matching CD player.SAP201V blck frnt cropped

Designed in Europe, the SAP-201V is an updated and improved version of the slim-line integrated amplifier previously sold under the Sansui brand name. The company’s press release comments ” Internal modifications at the component level have improved its audio performance significantly, without increasing the competitive retail price”.

The amplifier boasts a healthy 40 watts per channel into eight ohms and features seven inputs, including: four line level analogue inputs, a 3.5mm front panel socket, a dedicated phono input, and a coaxial or optical digital input for use with the built in DAC.

Including a DAC in such a keenly priced product and sporting a built-in phono stage is in keeping with the company’s philosophy of aiming to make the best quality hi-fi at very competitive prices. The 24bit/192kHz Wolfson DAC enables digital audio sources, such as computers, portable players or the soon to be launched matching network music player to be connected via coaxial or optical sockets for the best possible signal transfer.

The circuit topography utilises a ‘direct access’ design to shorten the signal paths to ensure unhindered music reproduction. High quality toroidal transformers and audiophile grade components are used throughout.

Packed with features not normally associated with products at this price point, the SAP-201V includes a standard ¼” headphone socket on the front panel and line level output via RCA connections on the rear for recording purposes. Loudspeaker connections are made using the substantial binding posts and the amplifier works with speakers from four to 16 ohms.

Supplied in brushed silver or black finishes, with restyled metal volume controls and flush mounted control buttons, the SAP-201V aesthetically matches the CDD-201 CD player, which is compatible with all common CD formats including; CD/CD-/+R/RW and MP3. The CD player can be connected to the amplifier via its analogue or digital outputs.

Paul Mitchell, CEO, of Mitchell and Johnson commented, “With the launch of the SAP-201V and CDD-201 and the real improvements and features we have engineered into the products, we have fulfilled our ambition of making really good quality hi-fi available to all consumers, regardless of budget.” He adds, “Independent listening tests have demonstrated that the performance is more than a match for other products in the market and we are confident that hi-fi and music enthusiasts are going to love them. And for the independent hi-fi retailers Mitchell and Johnson is providing an opportunity for them to sell British hi-fi at very competitive prices.”

The DAC and phono stage equipped integrated amplifier has a recommended retail price of £299 and the CDD-201 CD player is just £249.


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The Concept’s concept is simple: to deliver an elegantly styled turntable package featuring a level of technology usually only found in high-end turntables, combining plug-and-play simplicity with outstanding sound Clearaudio Concept Wood MCquality and affordability.

In 2012, one Concept became two, as Clearaudio added an ‘MC’ version featuring the Concept MC (moving coil) cartridge in addition to the existing MM (moving magnet) package.

The company’s recent press release has this to say about the new Concept “Now, the new Concept ‘Wood’ option takes the range even further both visually and sonically: its fine wood construction in multilayered Baltic birch is not only visually stunning, it also provides more harmonious resonance control, resulting in a more natural timbre and improved transparency”.

All versions of the Concept have now also received a number of upgrades including a brand new tonearm and one or two enhancements to the turntable itself.

The tonearm is now Clearaudio’s Verify Direct Wire Plus, a new edition of the earlier Verify. The ‘Direct Wire’ in question is pure oxygen-free copper in a pseudo-balanced cable with perfectly symmetrical construction, running in an unbroken length from cartridge tags to phono plugs. The arm cables have been re-routed to pass through a redesigned arm bearing assembly and arm pillar, giving a cleaner and sleeker external finish. The turntable also now sports new adjustable and lockable rubber tipped feet..
All critical parameters from cartridge tracking weight to anti-skating are ready-adjusted, leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy a true high fidelity plug-and-play experience.

Pricing & availability

The Clearaudio Concept turntable package is available now priced as follows (including VAT @ 20%):
Concept MM £995
Concept Wood MM £1,295
Concept MC £1,395
Concept Wood MC £1,595


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The HIGH END SOCIETY has designed the official smartphone app for the HIGH END 2015 specifically to cater for the interests and requirements of visitors and exhibitors. High_End_Munich_App

The new app for 2015 focusses on the visitors’ schedule for the fair. The HIGH END app means that our guests have at their fingertips all the information they need to plan their own schedule so that they are ideally prepared for their visit. By downloading all the im- portant data just once, the app can be used anywhere, regardless whether or not there is a mobile internet signal.

A comprehensive service is available to app users, including the following information: 

  • Hall layouts
  • Brand list
  • List of all product groups and associated
  • Shopping list – visitors can simply draw up an individual list of their personal favourites and plan their own tour of the show
  • Fair info with all the important information for visitors to the HIGH END – hotels, restaurants, public transport, parking, shuttle service and much more
  • The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Available in German and English



Cabasse has appointed The Multi-Room Company as the exclusive UK distributor for its hi-fi, home cinema and custom installation loudspeakers and the range of connected audio solutions, to help drive growth and Cabassebring improved levels of service to its UK customers and end-users.

Since the reintroduction of Cabasse to the UK in 2008, the company has managed the UK business direct from its Brittany head office, with regular visits from its sales managers and the assistance of independent sales agents.

After a considered selection process, the management of Cabasse has awarded the exclusive contract to the Cheltenham based distributor of hi-fi and custom installation products. The Multi-Room Company will be responsible for sales and account management through the hi-fi, home cinema and custom installation channels for all Cabasse products, including the recently introduced Stream connected audio range.

Speaking about the new distribution arrangement, Delphine Dall of Cabasse says, “The UK is an important market for Cabasse and in order to grow our business here our management team felt the time was right to appoint a dedicated distributor. The Multi-Room Company, through its varied but non-competing range of brands, has the right mix of experience in the four categories that our products serve, namely hi-fi, home cinema and custom installation and the quickly growing world of connected audio. We are delighted to be working with them and look forward to seeing the Cabasse brand take an even more prominent position in the UK.”

Mike Bonnette, product director for The Multi-Room Company, adds, “The addition of a brand of this calibre to our carefully focused portfolio will bring a huge benefit to our customers and enables us to target new markets, as we work to build on the work Cabasse has already done to introduce its incredible products to the UK consumer.” He concludes, “We are very excited to be working with the team at Cabasse and feel confident that it will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship for both companies.”


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Arcam now have over a dozen Hi-Fi and Home Cinema components with streaming built-in and more coming. “Looking to improve the user experience, Arcam have developed their MusicLife app totally ‘in-house’ to bearcam-musiclife-7-web easier to use, faster and more stable than other similar apps” the company’s press release tells us.

The say that it is easy to integrate with Bluetooth with the app supporting playing media from network/UPnP servers out to any Bluetooth device, enabling streaming on almost anything, if paired with an Arcam miniBlink or rBlink Bluetooth DAC.

The MusicLife app will allow you to:
– Stream from Server or Computer to iPhone / iPad
– Stream from Server or Computer to connected Arcam Hi-Fi or Home Cinema component
– Stream from iPhone / iPad to connected Arcam Hi-Fi or Home Cinema component
– Stream from Server or Computer to any Bluetooth Device
– Stream from iPhone / iPad to any Bluetooth Device

Using an Arcam rBlink or miniBlink and the MusicLife app, you can turn ANY audio component into an iPad, iPhone controlled network music streamer. Simply plug an rBlink or miniBlink into any audio product device with stereo inputs.


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Once again, the HIGH END will feature a wide variety of interesting talks, presentations, demonstrations and workshops with high-profile speakers all about consumer electronics. MUNICHLOGOSQUAREMERRILL1

Special demonstrations, talks, presentations and events with top speakers Here is a small selection:


BR, WDR and IRT present state-of-the-art audio technology at the HIGH END Conference room K2A (opposite Hall 1)

Radio in the digital age: 90 years after it was introduced, radio broadcasting uses the full range of digital possibilities. With digital production and broadcasting technology, optimum studio quality can now be delivered directly to living rooms, cars and mobile devices. Bayerischer Rundfunk, Westdeutscher Rundfunk and the Institut für Rundfunktechnik, the joint research centre of ARD/ZDF, ORF and SRG, will be demonstrating the variety and quality of radio programmes and technology for the first time together this year at the HIGH END.

In an acoustically optimised demonstration room (K2A), visitors can look forward to exhibits, demonstrations and information all about audio technology, production, distribution and audio quality.

Sound engineers from BR and WDR will be presenting highlights from the latest music productions and radio plays in studio quality, in 5.1 Surround Sound or binaurally on headphones. DAB+, DVB-C and internet digital broadcasting will all be available for direct comparison. In a listening booth, you can judge the quality of audio codecs and data rates in a MUSHRA test.

Other topics: The importance of EBU R128 loudness regulation and the work, this involves when remastering archive material. Exhibits on HTML5 Audio and Binaural Room Synthesis give an insight into the latest research and an outlook on forthcoming developments.

As well as this: at the BR stand in Hall 2 R06 there is a car where you can listen to DAB+ digital radio and the Symphoria audio system developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen.

Listen to the original master files of a recording session, just like the sound engineer. This is as close it gets to the original recording.


Conference room K1b (opposite Hall 1)

Andreas Koch from the USA, one of the inventors of the DSD high-definition digital audio format and owner of Playback Designs, Joachim Kiesler from Saxony, professional re- cording engineer and mastermind of Musikelectronic Geithain, and Primephonic, the new Dutch download portal, have got together to set up a very special joint venture. The aim   is not only to show interested visitors the musical potential of the DSD format, but also to demonstrate the current state of the art in DSD downloading, not just in stereo, but above all in multi-channel audio.

The presentations will be given by the leading European sound engineers Erdo Groot (direc- tor, producer and sound engineer of Polyhymnia B.V.), Jared Sacks (director, producer and sound engineer of Channel Classics B.V.) and Jan-Eric Persson (sound engineer and founder of Opus3 Records). As well as this, the engineers and producers will be presenting their recordings and talking about their experience with DSD.

The subject of DSD mastering of analogue multi-channel tapes will also be discussed. Visitors are sure to prick up their ears at the demonstrations of legendary recordings from the Quadro era of the 1970s.

Duration approx. 30 minutes

Saturday, 16 May 2015 


Topic: The importance of USB cables for PC hi-fi

Comparison of USB connections in all price categories Exhibitor: Nagra –  Atrium 4, room E217


Topic: A naturally beautiful voice

Jazz artist Lyn Stanley sings live and on record Exhibitor: Purist Audio Design – Atrium 4 , room F226


Topic: How sound finds its feet

Turntable spikes show what’s happening below Exhibitor: Aura/Verity Audio, Atrium 3, room D106


Topic: How sound benefits from modern high-bit technology

Music from MP3 to the highest definition in direct comparison Exhibitor: Burmester, Atrium 3, room D106


Topic: How a high-class audiophile compilation is made

STEREO’s new listening test CD presented on a super system Exhibitor: MBL, Atrium 4, room D106

More news on presentations at High End Munich 2015 when we get it.


A comprehensive list of the companies at High End Munich 2015 and the rooms they will be in.  More »

Denon has just confirmed the availability of a hardware upgrade for their AVR- X7200W flagship Network AV Receiver. DENON-AVR-X7200W_BK_E2-rightCurrent owners of this AVR will now be able to upgrade their unit to support future-proof HDCP 2.2 copy protection protocol, needed for copy-protected 4k Ultra-HD content playback. The upgrade, which requires hardware modification at an authorized Denon Service Centre, will start in May. The cost for this upgrade will be EUR 199. At the same time, Denon starts replacing the AVR-X7200W (SRP: EUR 2.799) with the AVR-X7200WA (SRP: EUR 2.999), which is already factory-upgraded with the above new features.

Customers who wish to perform the HDCP 2.2 upgrade to transform their AVR-X7200W into an AVR-X7200WA should get in contact with their Denon retailer. For the owners of either AVR-X7200W or AVR-X7200WA, the Auro-3D software upgrade will continue to be available via Denon.

On a different note, Denon also shared a plan to offer a software update to bring new DTS:X immersive surround sound format to the AVR-X7200W and the AVR-X7200WA later this year. Details will be revealed when the time approaches.

Denon AVR-X7200WA 9.2ch Network AV Receiver – Key Features

  • 210W x 9ch
  • Symmetrical monolithic amplifier design with Denon custom made transistors
  • D.S.C.-HD32 with AL32 Processing Multi-channel, Denon Link HD
  • Built in Wi-Fi with dual antenna, built in Bluetooth
  • Latest HDMI standard with 4K Ultra HD 50/60 Hz Pass-through and 4:4:4 colour resolution
  • Full HDCP 2 compatibility for all 8 HDMI inputs
  • Advanced Video Processing with upscaling up to 1080p and 4k Ultra HD 50/60Hz
  • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front), 3 HDMI outputs (2 main + zone)
  • Dolby Atmos (5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4*, 9.1.2* configuration)
  • Auro-3D upgradable (9.1ch, 1ch* with VOG (Voice of God) configuration)
  • Audyssey DSX and DTS Neo:X 1ch processing
  • Wide support for streaming formats including DSD and AIFF streaming
  • AirPlay and DLNA music streaming; Spotify Connect
  • Advanced ECO mode with off/on/auto setting
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32 / Sub EQ HT / LFC (Pro ready)
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ
  • RS232 control
  • Phono input
  • 2ch processing and 13.2ch pre-out; gold-plated terminals
  • 3 source, 3 zones


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Marantz has just announced the offer of a hardware upgrade for their AV8802 flagship AV pre-amplifier. As promised byMarantsAV_hifinnews Marantz this January, current owners of their home cinema centre will now be able to upgrade it to support future-proof HDCP 2.2 copy protection protocol, needed to play back copy-protected 4k Ultra-HD content. The upgrade requires hardware modification at a Marantz certified Service Centre. Starting in June, this will be arranged on request by a local Marantz retailer for a cost price of EUR 199. At the same time, Marantz will start selling the factory-upgraded AV8802A model (SRP: EUR 3.999), gradually replacing the AV8802 (SRP: EUR 3.799).


On a separate note, Marantz announced a plan to offer a software update to add new DTS:X immersive surround sound format to the AV8802A and AV8802 later this year. Details will be revealed soon.


AV8802A Multi-channel AV Pre-amplifier with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – Main Features


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in
  • Current Feedback topology and new Marantz HDAM
  • Toroidal transformer & Copper plated chassis
  • Three piece top cover construction
  • Power supply with 4x 000μF capacitors
  • 32bit / 192kHz DA-Converters
  • Auro-3D upgrade-ready (up to Auro 1)

    Dolby Atmos (5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4 configuration)

  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32, LFC, Sub EQ HT, Pro ready
  • Audyssey DSX; DTS Neo:X (11.1ch)
  • 2ch pre-out (13.2ch XLR, 13.2ch RCA) and 11.2ch signal processing
  • Latest HDMI version with 4k 50/60Hz 4:4:4 resolution
  • Full HDCP 2 compatibility for all 8 inputs
  • 7+1 front HDMI in / 3 HDMI out (2 + 1 zone) (4k 50/60Hz, 3D, ARC, Deep Color)
  • HDMI scaling 1080p, 4k 50/60 Hz
  • isf video calibration
  • HD Audio streaming: FLAC 192/24, DSD, ALAC
  • Gapless Playback
  • USB port
  • Spotify Connect* (* where available), Flickr, Internet Radio support
  • Phono (MM) input
  • Setup Assistant and Advanced GUI
  • 4 Smart Select buttons for fast selection of listening presets
  • Marantz Remote App for iOS and Android devices

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