Mini server for gapless playback of music via internet streaming and/or radio with integrated high precision volume control. Being connected to a home network system can be totally remote controlled by mobile phone or tablet.

Technical data:

Inputs: RJ45 for Ethernet connection and USB for external storage as USB-stick or HDD

Output: USB high speed

Compatible players: Logitech Media Server (squeezebox), DLNA (JRiver, Minimserver, Foobar, etc.), Airplay (iTunes)

Supported formats: PCM up to 24 bit 384 kHz standard audio formats and DSD64, 128 (DoP protocol)

Retail price: Euro 550 – incl. 5VDC power supplystreamer 046


Ethernet filter blocking electromagnetic interference. Recommended to be used in any network system protecting devices connected to the output, like a streamer, PC, TV, media player, etc.

Retail price: Euro 390,-

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