Fezz Audio are based in Poland and make the Fezz Audio Silver Luna valve amplifier. The basis for the creation of the whole Fezz Audio project is a family business known as Toroidy.pl who supplies mains transformers to a myriad of audio companies and they have partnered with a host of well known brands including inter alia, Mytek (the “Manhattan DAC”), Lampizator, Amare Musica, Audio Valve, Ancient Audio, WILE, and Baltlab.fezz1

“A few years ago we have decided to create something that would change the “rules of the game”, break the stereotype. It was supposed to be a Toroidal Speaker Output Transformer, but one that is destined to work in “Single Ended” designs. We succeeded. The design work pertaining to such a construct lasted three years. During that time, we developed a unique toroidal core and winding production technology. Thanks to those developments, we are now able to design, and what is most important, to produce speaker output transformers for virtually any type of vacuum tube, irrespective of topology type, be it Single-Ended, or Push-Pull” says Maciej Lachowski from the company.fezz3

First the company built the Laura SE amplifier which came out of the company wanting to build a proof-of-concept as the general thinking in the market was that a single-Ended tube amplifier that uses toroidal transformers would not be workable.

The interest in Laura SE at last year’s Warsaw show exceeded the company’s expectations and so the production of speaker output transformers commenced in full swing. But in the meantime Maciej had other ideas along the lines of creating a wholly new commercial brand, designing a vacuum tube based amplifier for retail and positioned at an affordable price-point.

And that is how the Fezz Audio Silver Luna came to be.


Maximum output power : 2 x 35W / 8Ω

Circuit type : AB1 class

Output impedance : 4Ω / 8Ω

Inputs : 3 x

RCAHarmonic distortions THD : < 1%

Frequency response : 15Hz-77kHz (-3dB)

Power consumption : 150WAC fuse : 3,15A

TNet weight : 15,3kg

Dimensions : 400x320x165mm

Tubes : EL34 x 4 (power output), ECC83 x 2 (pre-amplifier and power drivers)


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