roksponsmallNorth London post production facility, ACE has a reputation for mixing some of the UK’s biggest TV music shows, including Later with Jools Holland and Glastonbury for the BBC. Its sound facility is managed by Tudor Davies and Richard Sillitto.

Tudor says “We have long used Harbeth for our monitoring, so when this upgrade to a 7.4.1 speaker layout was planned we decided to continue with what we liked and trusted. Our system now has 7 x M30.1s and 4 x M20.1s. We have been very pleased with how similar the midrange and highs are on the two models, this is critical if you are panning sounds around the room.”



Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio format, in a 7.4.1 set-up there are 7 speakers in a circle around the room, with 4 in the ceiling. Many blockbuster films are now mixed in Dolby Atmos, with Blueray DVDs releasing 7.4.1 audio.


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