T3TRA by Alienology Audio – Audio Designer Speakers – are 3D printed & digitally made for Bookshelf, Satellite and Desk-Top use.

The Alienology Audio team from California told us more about their project which has launched on Kickstarter: “We present a small but mighty speaker that is dutifully designed to meet your visual aesthetic needs and deliver quality sound. Our T3TRA speaker is perfect for clear and natural sound reproduction from a visually striking enclosure. We have accomplished this by combining a beautiful design and quality materials with physics and audio engineering expertise. The enclosure’s frame is 3D-printed in the USA using high precision industrial laser 3D printers. Our testing shows that this material has excellent properties for sound replication applications”.

“We used SLS sintering 3D printing to create the main structural frame for this speaker. Made all in one piece, without any seams or joints, eliminating conflicting vibrations and resonances. Because the unibody frame is 3D printed, the material is absolutely uniform in density at all points making it perfect for loudspeaker applications. Our final product will also have this same 3D printed frame. We are intentionally using 3D printing because we want the performance to be identical to that of which we achieved during the development of the speaker. This way we have absolute control over the sound. Seamlessly tied together by the frame are four precision laser cut sides made of high grade, multi-layer birch plywood to produce a warm and natural feel.”

“We chose this shape not only because of its design appeal but because it offers true sonic benefits. Tetrahedron, in geometric terms, is one of the most ideal shapes, the simplest 3D form possible that is fully structurally stable and self-supporting. All the sides are identical equilateral triangles, in this case with rounded edges. Standing waves are diminished by eliminating parallel sides and edge diffraction is reduced by having rounded corners and fewer sides. All corners are treated to absorb vibration. This all means your music will sound more clear and natural. From the early start we decided that simplicity and a full dedication to sound purity was the core idea for this project. This is why the form of the loudspeaker is tetrahedral, being a shape that adds less distortion to the sound produced than with the traditional box. In the case of sound quality – less is more. Or, to be precise, the less unnecessary parts one has within the sound enclosure, the better the sound will be. After all, the tetrahedron has half the number of corners as the traditional speaker box!”

The entire enclosure exists only in the digital domain until the high precision lasers do their job. The speaker driver is a highly rated, magnetically shielded, 3″ full range unit with a concave membrane that is made of aluminum, which is one of the lightest metals available.

T3TRA ACTIVE speaker has built-in 20W amplifier with bluetooth. This is perfect if you plan to use your speakers strictly with bluetooth enabled devices. It is available as a single speaker with both channels joined into a mono configuration or as a “STEREO pair” – two speakers where one speaker has a built-in amplifier and the other is passive and linked to the amp using speaker wire.

T3TRA CLASSIC is the same speaker, just without amplification. Instead, there are speaker terminals for use with audio amplifier. They are sold in pairs.

From $155 on Kickstarter





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