Aluminous Audio has announced the newest version of their Gravitas loudspeaker system. They claim that this is the first loudspeaker system in the world to use gravity as the primary isolation technique.

Previously, only the Gravitas monitors were fully isolated through their integrated isolation stands. Now they have enabled their subwoofer pairs to benefit from the same level isolation. Each subwoofer now includes four patent pending IVCM modules. With the IVCM modules in place on each subwoofer, full mechanical isolation of the subwoofers from the floor is achieved.

The significance of the IVCM subwoofer isolation modules includes the fact that your electronics and source equipment are isolated from the vibration generated by the loudspeakers, especially the powerful forces of low frequency sounds. With the new IVCM modules, floor vibration is reduced.

A second brand new technology involves the Gravitas monitors. Aluminous told us: “Each monitor is equipped with a proprietary crossover component called HDB, or “High Definition Balance” that removes distortion generated by the mechanical action of the drivers. Micro electric signals are generated from the mechanical action of any driver as it plays music. The HDB module helps remove this driver generated signal from being fed back into the crossover and causing distortion to be introduced back into the drivers. The HDB is especially effective at removing high frequency distortion. The HDB sonic improvement is very comparable to an amplifier upgrade. The sound is more defined with better control, definition and liquidity”.

US MSRP $49,950 for the Gravitas system which includes 8 IVCM modules that install on the pair of subwoofers. For those wishing to purchase the IVCM modules for use with their existing loudspeakers, turntable, subwoofers or any equipment with threaded feet, they are sold individually at US MSRP of $900 each. All Aluminous Audio require is the customer supply them with the thread type of their equipment.





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