Glasgow-based Audio Origami is best known for its tonearms and the PU7 in particular. But Johnny whose brainchild Audio_orig_loupeAudio Origami is also offers a range of services to vinyl lovers including tonearm wiring and tonearm restoration. As part of this service the company has always supplied turntable essentials such as bearing oil and headshell wiring.

Latterly these essentials have been joined by a collection of other useful objects for turntable obsessives.

First up is a little gadget that’s essentially a magnifying glass-with-lamp and which should prove somewhat easier to use than a jeweler’s loupe when checking the condition or cleanliness of your stylus tip. Price is £8 + 3 postage. To clean your stylus you can also add a Clearaudio stylus brush for £10 + postage.

Audio Origami also do a couple of headshell/platter spirit levels in two sizes which are small enough to use on the headshell of your turntable when setting up Azimuth and VTF. Price is £8.99 plus postage.
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