roksponsmallAudioControl, the Seattle based designers and manufacturers of audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets has announced the availability of DTS:X and DTS Neural Surround for their Concert AVR-7 and AVR-9 home theatre receivers as well as their Maestro M9 theatre processor. These surround formats are available now and can be added to models already in the field via firmware update.

DTS:X is an immersive surround format that delivers a lifelike sense of dimensionality and accomplishes this without dictating any specific speaker layout. DTS:X enables integrators to deliver a cinematic experience to their clients using loudspeaker locations that suit their décor. AudioControl’s auto-calibration and object-based surround processor will determine proper levels and placement for dialogue and sound effects, and integrators can bring added value by fine-tuning critical parameters. DTS Neural Surround up-converts conventional stereo sources such as streaming content, TV broadcasts gaming soundtracks and others into 5.1 or 7.1 surround as well as a 7.1.4 immersive format.


AudioControl has made both DTS formats available via the mode selection menu on their home theatre receivers and flagship M9 processor—all of which are also now available in a recently unveiled Espresso Black brushed aluminium finish.

You can experience the AudioControl Home Audio live demo at CES 2017 in the Venitian suite 29 – 103 and the Automotive Audio Solutions booth in the North Hall booth 5016.

AudioControl will partner with James Loudspeaker, Wolf Cinema and Vutec Corporation at the Venetian, details of what they are bringing below.


AudioControl will be demonstrating the company’s home theatre platform including the Maestro M9 theatre processor together with the Savoy G3 7-channel theatre amplifier. Also on display will be the 5-channel Pantages G3 amplifier, the 2-channel Rialto amplifier, the  Bijou 600 amplifier for Dolby Atmos applications as well as 2-channel music playback and the Concert AVR-9 home theatre receiver. AudioControl will also be showcasing the the Director M-Series DSP-enabled whole-house amplifiers including the M6800 and the M4800, including access to the user-interface software.

James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker will be providing the speakers and subwoofers for the CES theatre, including a pair of Q48 floorstanding speakers for the left/right channels and an 808BE driver array built into a custom aluminium SPL sound bar enclosure with adjustable angle for the centre channel. The surround and height channels will be integrated into custom made aluminium towers built to accommodate the Venetian suite. These towers are a derivative design of the Modular Home T heater recently unveiled at the 2016 CEDIA show in Dallas. Subwoofers for the theatre will be a pair of 15-inch EMB15DF’s (down-firing) powered by the James M-1000 amplifiers with DSP.


Wolf Cinemas will preview the new TXF-5000 UHD/4K D-ILA laser/phosphor home theatre projector as part of the system. Other new products may be on hand from Wolf as well.  


The theatre demo in Venetian 29-103 will utilize the new Vutec Stiletto 120-inch fixed-framed diagonal projection screen, which features the thinnest extruded aluminium bezel available.


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