Located in the heart of Nashville’s music scene, Aurora merges the heritage of Thiel Audio with the vibrant legacy of Music City. As an “ultra-high definition” live streaming music venue, Aurora is one of the few places in the country where fans can unite with their favourite musicians and emerging artists live and in ultra-high definition video and lossless audio which all sounds very cool indeed.Thiel-Logo-2014

Aurora houses a live performance stage, designed with musicians and industry tastemakers in mind. “It is the perfect venue for intimate concerts, artist showcases, record release parties, film screenings and industry related events. It is also the perfect setting to experience Thiel Audio’s refined loudspeakers” says Thiel Audio’s press release . The state of the art, acoustically correct listening room, complete with 4k video, enables guests to play music, view converts or movies, go online and even access social media.

“We have created this beautifully appointed space so that our guests might Live inside the Music – the true essence of the Thiel experience,” says Thiel Audio Chief Brand Officer Rebecca Abrahams.

“This immersive, fully interactive space combines 40 years of dedication to acoustic excellence while reaching out to a new generation of luxury brand consumers, looking for next generation high performance audio products,” she adds.

Why Aurora? Thiel says the creation of an entertainment division was a natural progression. In a world of device- driven music on demand, the company wanted to follow luxury brand consumers who are on-the-go, connected to content via phones and tablets across devices while simultaneously showcasing Music City to a worldwide audience – live and in ultra-high definition.  A sophisticated HD streaming venue, it also helps solve another problem for our record label neighbours in Nashville – vanishing CD sales.

Aurora is scheduled to open March 2016.


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