Reference Subwoofer was specifically designed to compliment AVID’s Reference Four loudspeaker. However, depending upon room size and application it can partner all their other loudspeakers, especially if being used in a high performance home cinema  application.

“Subwoofers are not just about shaking your walls and upsetting your neighbours but giving that extra depth so that music and films become a memorable experience making the hairs on your neck stand on end”, say AVID continuing “In fact an optimised subwoofer should seamlessly integrate within your loudspeaker system and you should not even realise its being used until its switched off, the same way as the drivers in your main loudspeakers”. 

Reference has two large 30 cm/12“ woofers and a 1200 Watt amplifier and is “bristling with technology and features” Make adjustments from the comfort of your listening chair using the iPhone Wi-Fi remote control app, controlling PEQs, HPF, LPF, Phase, Sub Tuning and Mains Delay through the DSP. There’s fast intuitive PC-based GUI software that enables full access to the DSP functions including a built-in Auto Room EQ function and microphone for room calibration. Manual operation via single-knob control panel with high-contrast LCD display and status  LEDs.

Connections are both XLR and RCA.

Built from solid aluminium plate of up to 20mm thickness, Reference incorporates AVID’s Patent Applied Mass Damping system, effectively removing harmful vibration from the drive unit.

UK retail price is £20,000.00 inc. VAT and will make it’s debut at the Munich Show in May  2017.

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