roksponsmallBel Canto Design Ltd., manufacturer of home audio electronics for 25 years, will begin shipping the new Black Integrated Amplifier the ACI 600 later this month. Based on the 2015 Black Amplification system. The ACI 600 is constructed from a solid billet of aluminium. Bel Canto say: “It houses the most advanced integrated audio system available, seamlessly interfacing to the many audio source options available today, while maintaining the highest audio standards. This new generation processor based on Bel Canto’s Advanced Asynchronous Audio Processor core platform has been in development for the past 2 years. Our A3P 64-bit processor controls the critical Asynchronous interfaces, custom FIR Filters, Tilt, EQ and Bass Management and other functions with the highest level of accuracy. The ACI 600 ULN Masterclock circuitry holds jitter below 40 Femtoseconds, ensuring pure sonic performance.


The ACI 600 digital to analogue circuit is based on the implementation of Bel Canto’s ASD (Advanced Segment DAC) design, a hybrid single bit and multi-bit technology that measures below 0.0005% distortion and 127dB of dynamic range. John Stronczer Founder and Chief designer says “ASD gives us the dynamics of multibit and the resolution of single bit, the best of both worlds.” The DAC output then goes through 2 fully balanced discrete class A analogue single stage custom amplifier stages. The DAC section is connected directly into the NCORE buffer with 27amp peak output and 600 watts into a 4-ohm loads.



Programmable Phono stage: the ACI 600 MM/MC phono section is a low noise, low distortion circuit that is fully programmable for a wide range of quality cartridges from high output MM to low output MC.

Programmable analogue: the Line level analogue input also can be programmed to gain match your analogue sources and achieve the best performance.

Menu driven controls for: TILT, Bass EQ, Bass Management High and Low Pass Filters.

Inputs: Ethernet, USB A: 24bits up to 192KS/s, MQA*, Roon Ready*: Custom Control App

USB2 Audio: 24bits up to 384KS/s and DSD128(DoP), MQA*

AES, SPDIF, TOSLINK: 24bit Data at 192KS/s Networked Audio Ethernet Input with Custom control app and Tidal integration

Independent Headphone amplifier: The high performance buffer stage is software controlled tuning on/off from the front panel defeating the main out when listening to the headphone out.

UPnP/DLNA Renderer

Hear the Bel Canto ACI 600 for yourself at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016.


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