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Tony at NuNu Distribution contacted us with news of a new product from the Belles brand. The Belles Power Modules A10b1A10 pre amplifier is an all new solid state design concept for the company and has taken over 12 months to come to fruition.

The A10 is a two box unit comprising a dedicated off board power supply plus the pre amplifier itself. Interestingly as well as line level inputs the A10 also features a phono stage for both MM and MC cartridges plus an onboard DAC using Wolfson Microelectronics WM8740 chipset with USB and SPDIF inputs.

The A10 has five analogue inputs (One pair of fully balanced), two digital inputs (USB and SPDIF both 24/192 Khz), one pair of single ended (RCA) and one pair of fully balanced (XLR) outputs plus both monitor input and RCA outputs.

Tony commented “The Belles A10 does not sound solid state in any way and has a natural musical flow that is grain A10b2free and totally un American sounding. The off board power supply is fully isolated and has ultra linear regulation on all of the rails, giving superb staging and separation characteristics. The included phonostage is seriously good, suitable for both MM & MC and can cater for all but the ultra low output cartridges.”

Price is around £3700

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