Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium

250OHM Open Back Dynamic Headphonesdt990_3c_2

Build Quality

These cans look beautiful and stylish to my eyes. They have an open-back, aluminium outer case to the ears and an aluminium hinge bracket which leads into the extension from the headband with clear raised sections for simple size adjustment.

There is one single cable entry on the left ear (that I much prefer to having a cable going to each side of headphones) which is extremely neatly fitted around the inside of the headband. I would have liked a detachable cable in case there is ever a break or accidental tear and also to be able to switch and try other upgrade cables.

The headband itself is extremely comfortable and not that tight, firm enough to keep the phones on your head but just right for you to almost forget that you have them on.

The star of the show for sure is the velour ear pads; they are extremely comfortable and breathable ensuring that, even after extended periods of wear, do not make your ears sweat like the faux and real leather ones have a tendency to do. Combined with the tension from the headband they feel just so comfortable.

The cable itself is straight and has a 3.5mm jack at the end to use with portable devices and a screw on 6.35mm adapter to use with racked equipment or a dedicated headphone amp.

Sound Quality


The treble frequencies on the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premiums are very detailed and accurate but never harsh or ear-piercing, whilst being very well extended and open. The higher frequencies do however lack that added layer of top end detail which would give them maximum airiness and the ambience that can be heard on acoustic instruments. Altogether very enjoyable and non-fatiguing.


The midrange on the DT990 is gorgeous, smooth, well articulated but not forward, it’s fairly neutral and very well balanced which allows the treble to never overpower but really shine through.  The control to the midrange is dt990_front_3c_1phenomenal; listening to vocals on them is a real treat.


Nicely detailed, extremely accurate and has great texture with extension. For complete bass heads they may not have the clout and punch your after but we are talking about splitting hairs here. The bass was easily full enough and packed plenty of upper bass slap for me.


Throughout the entire frequency range the dynamics are excellent, they are not fatiguing nor subdued, I found them to be at a very pleasant level and extremely satisfying.


Very wide and open, I was surprised at how well the central focus to an artists vocal were portrayed, but with a midband like these it had to be strong. Staging was layer out in front of me in the centre and arced around my head parallel to its centre distance. I would have liked it to be a little further from me but was very happy.dt990_seite_3c


In conclusion I would say that for vocal performances, whether its pop, acoustic, country, classical or any other variation, these headphones are incredible. The midrange is absolutely sublime!

Other types of music need not be ignored however as everything I listened to was massively enjoyable, had great resolution and staging with fantastic dynamics.

The build quality is high. The ear pads, the velour along with the comfy headband and hugging feel on your head just lets you wear these cans all day long. Matched with the glorious sound they produce I give these the highest recommendation possible at this price point.

Price £250Recommended 100 x 66px

Author – Dan

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