Now here’s something you don’t see or hear everyday at a Hifi show. I mean, if you go out to see a band or a piece of music performed live then you expect the audience to, depending on how the evening’s show went, put their hands together in rapturous applause. But this is exactly what happened when the presentation in Avantgarde’s room finished at some point on Friday at the High-End. Given that Avantgarde are on relatively home turf it’s no surprise that there is going to be a certain amount of passion and encouragement from those who went along for the ride, but the level of emotional connection in that room, at that time was palpable and infectious. Regular readers will know that the reference loudspeaker at Hifi Pig Towers is this German company’s Duo XD, and so there may be a tad of exuberant outpouring of affection from these quarters, but to see grown men, and a handful of women, being so clearly moved by, what is little more, in actual fact, someone spinning some tunes on a music centre (albeit a very good one) was a sight to behold.

So, the speakers playing were obviously the German company’s Trio and stacked Bass Horns!!! Nope, these were the relatively affordable Uno XDs. They’re about the eighteen thousand Euro mark and whilst this is indeed still a good chunk of dosh to splash on a pair of speakers, it’s not beyond the realms of reality for a good few folk reading this I’m sure. They sounded very good indeed and for those who enjoy the sound but don’t have the space for Duo XDs these make a great alternative.Avantgarde_1_high_end_munich_2016


I absolutely loved the response they got and it goes to show that music, when played well in the home, has the ability to move people in a way that few other things can. If you could bottle and sell the feeling that was in that space, on that afternoon then you would be a very rich man…or perhaps locked up for peddling something you really ought not to be peddling!!

I spoke to Holger Fromme, the company’s head shortly after the dem’ and whilst he expressed a degree of dismay that he may have to pay Armin, the guy presenting the demonstration, a tad more for his efforts, there was clearly a huge amount of pride and delight in his face at us having witnessed this phenomena.

It was interesting to not on leaving the room that behind a special edition of the company’s Zero One loudspeakers in the window of the dem’ room was the following slogan “Feel This Moment. Experience Our Sound.” How apt!Avantgarde_audience3_high_end_munich_2016


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