Bret D’Agostino at Bully Sound Company, LLC (BSC Audio) got in touch to tell Hifi Pig what that they will be taking part in CES 2016 with a host of manufacturers to accompany their products  including Magico, Playback Designs, Kubal Sosna Research and Critical Mass Systems which will be in  the Venetian, Suite 29-117. BSC will have the North American debut of their Audio’s L5 Reference Multi-Chassis Remote Controlled Class A Line Level Preamplifier.

This is the company’s first reference level, full function preamplifier which is now shipping world-wide at MSRP USD 15,900.00 per unit.

L5 Preamplifier – features:

  • Fully discrete, differential, and complimentary Class A circuitry from input to output.
  • 255 step, discrete, differential, motorized, linear volume control.
  • 3-chassis all isolated and individually mounted on a single base containing, (i) Power Supply module, (ii) Main Audio module, and (iii) Control & Processing module.
  • Separate,  ultra-stable,  and  discrete   power  supplies.
  • The  digital  power  supply  is  based  on  a  75  VA  toroidal transformer. The analog supply is based on a massive 150 VA toroidal transformer.dagostino_CES_2016

Future additions to the preamplifier functionality will include dealer installable internal plug-in boards for (i) active 3- band differential tone controls and (ii) phono preamplifier.

There will also be the North American debut of Playback Designs’ Syrah Server, Integrated Music Server and OpBox D/D Converter modification kit for the OPPO BDP-103 Universal Network 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player.

The above two products are part of the newly introduced Sonoma Series that will also include the Merlot DAC, D/A Converter/Headphone Amplifier and the Pinot A/DC to be launched in 2016.

Syrah Server – features:

  • Connects directly to the Merlot DAC via USB.
  • Easy and intuitive remote control via iPad or Android devices.
  • Plays any audio file from internal, external or NAS storage.
  • Streaming via DLNA.
  • Automatic ripping from external drive.
  • Automatic retrieving of cover art and metadata from database. dagostino_CES_2016_2

OpBox – features:

Adds PLink output to the OPPO BDP-103 for direct digital link to the Merlot DAC.

Captures all native audio data from any source supported by the OPPO BDP-103 and sends it to the Merlot DAC for conversion to analogue.

Supports very long distances while providing galvanic separation (via ST Optical) between the OPPO BDP-103 and the Merlot DAC.

Simple installation.dagostino_CES_2016_3

Coming Q2 2016, BSC Audio will be introducing the i3, its first Integrated Music System.

In collaboration with Andreas Koch (Playback Designs) and Bret D’Agostino (BSC Audio), the BSC Audio i3 will integrate a high bias class A/B 175 Watt amplifier with discrete ladder volume control and hi-resolution, DSD capable DAC.dagostino_CES_2016_4

i3 – features:

Plays any audio file from external analogue or digital source.

Features a full Android based operating system allowing easy access to a wide variety of Android Apps.

A complete all-in-one audio solution for analogue, digital and streaming sources that provides true high fidelity performance.


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