Care Orchestra Srl, an Italian brand of high-end audio and design, has announced a new product of the Spiritual Line. Care Orchestra say: “The Spiritual Violet is the natural evolution of the younger “sister” Spiritual Blue, from which it inherits its peculiarities and best features. Depth, transparency and musical performance definition reach an excellent level, giving rise to a quality of precise listening, never tiring”.

They go on to explain further: “With it’s unique technology, Hemisferical Bass Reflex, you get maximum performance even when, this loudspeaker is placed near the walls or in acoustics area that is not optimal”.

High quality components are used, “wiring made by Van den Hul silver cable, Woofer and Tweeter are Scan Speak Discovery, the filter of the 1st and 2nd order with electrical cutting frequency to 3860 Hz with Jantzen elements, extension 37 Hz – 42,000 Hz, impedance 4 Ohm, sensitivity 90 dB”. The speakers are completely handmade in Italy and are customisable to the clients taste with opaque, glossy lacquers, mica and leather.

Price from 4,900€





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