The Chord Company is celebrating 30 years of Hifi cable design and UK manufacturing with the launch of ChordMusic, the company’s new flagship range of cables and yesterday Hifi Pig popped along for a listen at the exclusive KJ West One Store in London (Read more here).

The Chord Company says that the ChordMusic is the most advanced cable range in its 30-year history and that  it is a is a “revelatory product, developed using an exciting and entirely new insulation material which has never been used with audio cables before: Taylon®.”

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For a long time Chord have used a combination of PTFE – in various forms –  as the dielectric  and silver-plated conductors and recently introduced the Sarum Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY cables take this combination as far as they were able.  With Sarum Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY the conductors are micro-polished prior to silver-plating and gas-foamed PTFE is employed as a dielectric before fitting of a PTFE RCA plug surround.

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ChordMusic uses all the same Super ARAY technology and the same PTFE plugs but what Nigel and Alan from Chord Company were keen to stress it is the sets it apart is the Taylon® dielectric that sets it apart from its predecessors.

So what is Taylon® ? Nigel from Chord said “it is a unique insulation material that has never been used to produce audio cables before and is exclusive to The Chord Company with its roots being in the US military”. “Although its dielectric constant is very slightly lower than PTFE, Taylon® is phase-stable at typical room temperatures” said Alan. Needless to say there were questions about the makeup of Taylon®  but none were forthcoming as both Nigel and Alan stressed they did not know and will not be told given the origins of this material.

ChordMusic cables have three external layers of noise reducing materials along their lengths.  The first of these is designed to reduce levels of mechanical noise; the second was chosen to constrain the noise reducing layer in a very precise way; finally, beneath the white braided finish, there is a metallic external braid.

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At the moment there are Analogue interconnects available with RCA, XLR and DIN terminations.  The minimum length is 1m but custom lengths and custom terminations are readily available.

Digital interconnects are also available in coaxial digital and AES EBU configurations.  Coaxial digital cables can be terminated with either RCA or BNC.  Chord are also able to produce custom terminations, such as RCA to XLR (AES EBU).

ChordMusic streaming cables are fitted with RJ45 connectors and are available in custom lengths and a ChordMusic USB cable is currently in development say the company.

Finally Chord have announced the ChordMusic speaker cable which features the same mechanical noise reduction layers as fitted to the analogue and digital interconnects, as well as – for the first time – an ARAY technology developed specifically for speaker cable.  A new clamp design, unique to ChordMusic speaker cable, is currently at the prototype stage and in another first, ChordMusic speaker cables will be fitted with silver-plated spade connectors.

A Chord Music tonearm cable is currently in development and will be available later in the year and a ChordMusic power cable is currently at the design stage.

Pricing and availability
Analogue: RCA 1m: £3,800;  additional metres £1,700
Digital: RCA/BNC 1m: £3,500; additional metres £1,400
Streaming: RJ45 1m: £3,800; additional metres £1,700
Speaker: Banana plugs per terminated metre £1,100; 1.5m pair £3,300

Read more about Hifi Pig’s visit to KJ West One to hear Chord Music.


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