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Chord Electronics is refreshing its bijou Chordette range, replacing the QuteHD DAC with the EXChordQuteQuteEX – a 384kHz PCM/DSD 128 device compatible with high-resolution DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) music files. The QuteEX is an upgraded version of Chord Electronics’ QuteHD and has been available alongside the QuteHD since the EX’s introduction in October, offering the option of decoding at up to 384kHz PCM and DSD 128 over USB, against the QuteHD’s 192kHz PCM and DSD 64.

The change is effective from 01st July and existing QuteHD can be upgraded at the factory for a modest £200 plus shipping, which represents the cost differential between the two products. Existing QuteHD owners should contact their local Chord retailer for further details.
The Qute EX builds on the original QuteHD and is a compact D/A convertor, eschewing off-the-shelf DAC chipsets in favour of a bespoke FPGA (programmable) circuit. Its ‘EX’ suffix, denotes its DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) playback capability.
Its bespoke circuit design created by DAC technology guru Rob Watts and implemented by Chord’s engineering team.

Technical specifications

Harmonic distortion: 103 dBV
Signal-to-noise ratio: 115dBV
Dynamic range: 118dBV
Digital inputs:
1 x USB HD with DSD 128 decoding, 44.1 kHz to 384kHz PCM, 16-32-bit
1x Optical
1x Coaxial 44.1 kHz/384kHz-ready, 16-32-bit
Outputs: 2x RCA phono
Power supply: 12v 1A 2.1mm connector. Centre point positive 100V- 240V – 50/60Hz, 1A wall adapter supplied
Weight: 0.4kg
Dimensions: 160x70x40mm (WxHxD)

Price and availability
01st July 2014
Price: £1,195
Upgrade price from QuteHD to Qute EX: £200 (+ shipping)


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