The new DSX1000 is a digital network streamer that at its heart, boasts Chord Electronics’ proprietary DAC technology. The latest-generation Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) architecture found inside the DSX1000, is the same technology used in the company’s QBD76 HDSD DAC and the Red Reference MkIII CD player.

The FPGA handles all the digital data decoding, clocking, WTA filtering and the 5th generation Pulse Array DAC and

Key features include an inbuilt analogue volume control circuit, as used in Chord Electronics’ CPA8000 Reference preamp and the player also boasts both volume-controlled and line-level analogue outputs which feature both balanced XLR and RCA phono connections.

The network connection is via a fixed-wired ethernet port due to the bandwidth limitations of Wi-Fi for 24/192kHz support (ethernet-over-mains connections can also be used if required).

The DSX1000 is available now priced at £7,500 (standard finish); £7,830 (nickel).



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