Constellation Audio, manufacturer of solid-state electronics, announces that at CES 2016 they will be demonstrating their Reference Series Altair II preamplifier and Hercules II monobloc amplifiers.

The recent press release from the company states that “The Constellation Audio dream team has applied their rigorous design and engineering research to create the Altair II and Hercules II as worthy successors to their original namesakes, products which by every parameter significantly raise the performance bar from their previous benchmark standards. The new Reference Series products redefine transparency and resolution on the preamplifier side while combining these virtues with the ultimate in both finesse and control on the amplifier side. The net result is a system that delivers uncompromised performance and musicality.”

The Altair II has separate triple-transformer power supply which is itself shielded by a machined aluminum chassis. Construction of the completely dual-mono control centre is highlighted by the use of a machined solid aluminum enclosure (called a raft) which is constructed with 8.2mm-thick walls. The raft is secured to a platform incorporating an isolating polymer sheet between sheets of stainless steel, and this platform is in turn mounted on an elastomeric suspension. The net result is complete mechanical and electromagnetic isolation. There’s the inclusion of a home-theater bypass mode and the addition of a DB-9 connector for.Constellation1_CES2016

Hercules II monoblocs use two 3,000-Watt transformers housed in their own shielded, suspended enclosure. The shielding and suspension prevents electromagnetic noise or mechanical vibration from entering into the system. Using the 125-Watt fully balanced building block modules that have become a signature of Constellation Audio amplifier designs; the Hercules is configured using multiple modules in a single chassis to deliver 1,000 Watts into each mono chassis. Connection between the Altair II and Hercules II is via the Constellation Direct interface which eliminates an extra gain stage in the signal path. However, for those users of other preamplifiers, Hercules II is also equipped with balanced and single-ended inputs.
Source components at CES 2016 will include the Constellation Audio Cygnus Media Server/DAC and a turntable paired with a Constellation Audio phono stage with Martin-Logan Neoliths.Constellation2_CES2016

The Constellation Audio Reference System will be on display in The Venetian, Suite 34-210.


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