Cyrus ONE is a 100 watt per channel amp using the third generation of the company’s hybrid class D technology.  It is packed full of features including a built-in phono stage, Bluetooth® streaming and a high quality headphone amplifier.Cyrus One angle shot

Retaining the compact footprint that has made Cyrus such a distinguishable brand since the company’s first product back in 1984, the original Cyrus 1, the new Cyrus ONE has a distinctly contemporary aesthetic.  The Cyrus ONE is a clear statement of the brand’s intent to become a leading player in the provision of high quality audio to the ‘Enlightened Consumer’. Aged 18-30, this emerging group is design-led, feature and interface driven, interested in brand reputation and used to listening to music in a personal manner.

The built-in Class AB headphone amplifier is automatically activated when the headphones are plugged in, with the heavyweight toroidal power supply that usually powers the main amplifiers instantly switching all its power to the headphone circuits. At the same time, the volume is automatically returned to zero to protect the user’s hearing and headphones, and in turn, the volume reverts to zero when the headphones are removed.

Bluetooth aptX® connectivity, with an ‘always discoverable’ state, enables the new generation of tech savvy customers to stream music direct from phones and tablets to the Cyrus ONE. The same users who so naturally stream music are also leading the resurgence in vinyl, and so the Cyrus ONE is fitted with a high quality moving magnet phono stage to give them the best of both worlds. Four additional line level inputs provide plenty of connectivity for other devices and the amplifier is also fitted with an AV Bypass mode for use in home cinema systems.

The selection of partnering loudspeakers is fuss-free, with the automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) circuit instantly measuring the speaker impedance and adjusting the amplifier to suit.

Flexibility and personalisation are the watchwords, with clever features like LED dimming to match the brightness of the front panel indicators to the environment. Firmware updates are made possible via the micro USB port on the rear.

Announcing Cyrus ONE, Simon Freethy, managing director, says, “With more than 33 years of award-winning technological knowhow we are perfectly positioned to bring high end performance to the modern consumer. Cyrus ONE represents the first step on a product roadmap that has been developed to grow the company as the leading proponent of hi-fi products for the ‘Enlightened Consumer’ group.” He continues, “Our design philosophy has always been to achieve the very best performance possible and then figure out how to make it affordable. And with Cyrus ONE, a product priced within the reach of many, we have the embodiment of that philosophy taken to a new level.”

Cyrus ONE will cost £699 inc. VAT.


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