Double Tap Audio, officially launched their Kickstarter mid-July to officially sell and distribute their handmade Double Tap R1 headphones with the goal of raising $9,000 by Aug. 18, 2016.double_tap_headphones_3

Each pair is handcrafted with the use of modified 40 caliber brass bullet casings. Including rare earth magnets and multi- layer cording to create durable tangle free headphones.

By pledging $55 or more to the Double Tap Audio Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive a pair of Double Tap R1 headphones, once fully backed.

All suppliers are lined and ready to ship then begins assembly preparation. Once the Kickstarter is officially backed assembly is expected to begin in Sept. and all backers with a pledge of $55 or more will receive their headphones by Dec. 2016 at the latest.

All products are assembled in Southern California. Every pair is tested by the maker before being shipped to assure customer satisfaction as well as a quality product.

Randy May, creator of Double Tap audio designed the headphones for durability and comfort to overcome the struggle of finding quality headphones for every day wear.

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