German turntable company, Dual, has relaunched in the UK. Once the largest manufacturer of turntables in Europe, the brand has had a history of producing turntables through the 1960s, 70s and 80s. For 2017 the brand is back in the UK with an initial offering of three new budget models.

Prices range from the entry-level, fully automatic MTR-15 at £124.99 to the budget audiophile MTR-75 with enhanced chassis, belt drive, USB output and Audio Technica cartridge at £249.99. The £229.99 MTR-40 is a direct-drive model with variable speed control, styled as a traditional ‘prosumer’ DJ deck.

The MTR-75 will lead Dual’s UK relaunch for audiophiles on budget, bringing much of the brands CS-series experience to this deck. With a satin-black finished chassis on large vibration damping feet, the MTR-75 is belt driven to an aluminium platter via a DC servo motor with selectable speed. It’s built-in RIAA phono stage has been developed to get the best from a wide range of Moving Magnet cartridges. The MTR-75’s straight aluminium tonearm has a damped lift mechanism and comes pre-fitted with an Audio Technica MM cartridge. Fine tuning stylus tracking force is possible thanks to an adjustable counterweight marked with 0.1g gauge. Other features include USB output with software for Mac and PC, automatic stop and lift feature and an acrylic dust cover lid as standard.

The brand’s relaunch in the UK comes on the back of the vinyl revival, with UK LP sales hitting more than 3.2million records through 2016. Dual’s more upmarket CS series turntables, along with a Bluetooth loudspeaker, DAB radio and an AV Soundbase will launch in the UK later this year. The name Dual is a reference to the dual-mode power supplies the company pioneered in the early 1930’s for its gramophones. These could be powered by either mains electricity or wind-up mechanism.

Dual MTR-75 £249.99 SRP

Dual MTR-40 £229.99 SRP

Dual MTR-15 £124.99 SRP


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