Hifi Pig were invited along at this year’s HIGH END Munich to Dynaudio’s launch of their new Contour range of loudspeakers. The new series consists of four models: the compact 20, the medium-sized floor standing 30, the larger floor standing 60, and the 25C dedicated centre channel speaker for movie lovers.Dynaudio_Countour_High_End_Munich_2016_2S

All the speakers in the Contour range are designed and manufactured at Dynaudio’s newly expanded state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility.

The new speakers include a new FEM optimised woofer construction with new vari-MSP diaphragms, glassfibre voice coil formers, longer aluminium wire voice coils, new spider suspension, new rubber surround geometry, new magnet design and new die-cast aluminium baskets…so quite a lot of newness going on their in the woofers. Dynaudio_Countour_High_End_Munich_2016_3S

To match the performance of the woofers and mid-range units the Countour range feature the company’s best tweeter, the Esostar2.

“Speaking of its performance, it’s difficult to point out one thing that makes the difference: is it the driver, is it the cabinet? It is all the elements combined that enable this major step forward. I believe we have achieved our goal: retaining – and improving – the fantastic high- and mid-end, but at the same time getting that dynamic bass response, we were looking for. Together, it adds up to a substantially improved speaker with a lot more power than  the previous Contour range,” Michael Böwadt, VP of Product  Management.

The new Contour models are available in: Walnut Satin, White Oak Satin, Piano Black and Piano White, and on special order: Rosewood High Gloss and Bubinga High Gloss.

Recommended Retail Prices: Contour 20: €4500/pair

Contour 30: €7000/pair

Contour 60: €9000/pair Contour 25C: €3250/eachDynaudio_Countour_High_End_Munich_2016_4S

During the launch the Contour 20 standmounter was being driven by the new NAD Masters series and it has to be said that the sound was rather impressive, particularly given the relatively compact nature of the speakers that were playing in a very large space.

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