Epiphany Acoustics is a small British company owned by Olivier Freeborn and are very much of the thought that high-end hifi should not be the preserve of the very wealthy.

The EHP-O2 has been designed from the ground up to offer the very best head-fi performance whilst maintaining its portability. All the components used in this diminutive headphone amplifier have been “exhaustively selected and tested to offer the user true audiophile quality” and result in a THD of just 0.0017% and a noise floor of -105dB.

With the two lightweight rechargeable batteries the unit can be used for up to 8 hours and with the included AC adaptor/charger it becomes a very capable and compact desktop amplifier to boot.

The amplifier can be optimised to almost any headphone you choose using the on board gain switch and connection to your source and headphones is made with the 3.5mm jacks to keep the weight and form factor to an absolute minimum.

The petite unit manages to cram a very advanced topology into such a small space, with features such as active current limiting, which protects headphones from damage whilst maintaining extremely low output impedance, 2 gain stages to optimise the performance and keep distortion and noise levels vanishingly low and a power management system to keep the dual rail battery power supply in check and increase the resilience of the amplifier.” Every component used in the EHP-O2 has been analysed for its audio performance within the context of the circuit to ensure that it is the optimum choice. ”

The EHP-O2 comes in a black oxidised aluminium enclosure with custom machined front panels for a high quality and professional look. It is finished with a solid aluminium black knurled knob which adds to the aesthetics and provides the user with a more pleasant, tactile feel. It fits snugly into a jacket pocket although the performance levels are so high that it works extremely well as a fully fledged desktop amplifier and small adhesive feet are included expressly for this purpose.

All in all this adds up to a very impressive bit of audiophile kit that fits neatly into your pocket and at only £99.99 you won’t have to dig too deep to own it.

Epiphany have also just announced the launch of the Atratus audiophile interconnect which they say has been constructed with high purity, heavy gauge copper conductors and terminated with heavy duty RCA plugs. They are available from Epiphany’s website at £49 for a metre pair.

Expect a review of both the EHP-02 headphone amp and the Atratus interconnects very soon in Hifi Pig

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