At Hifi Pig we think it’s vital that the audiophiles of the future are engaged with and so this is why we have Harry Smith our “Teen Correspondent” write for us. Here, and as part of our ongoing « Headphone Month » he looks at two IEMs from Final, the Heaven II and Heaven IV.

Final audio is a Japanese company that make unique looking earphones and headphones. I was given the Heaven II and Heaven IV to review that are both in-ears. The Heaven II are the cheaper option retailing at £69 look identical to the more expensive option apart from the slightly more limited colour choices. The Heaven IV is the more expensive option retailing at £139.

So what are the key differences between these 2 in-earphones?

Heaven II

Starting with the Heaven II it’s a very well priced product. I love its unique “futuristic” design and it heavenII_BL_mainhas got a nice weight to it. Its stainless steel construction gives it a very solid feel. The earphone comes with a number of silicone ear buds to accommodate all shapes and sizes of ear I tried all of the different ear buds and found that the smallest ones were the most comfortable and gave the best sound. I never felt any strain on my ears even after many hours of listening.
The cable is flat which means that it doesn’t get tangled up in your pocket. The build quality is second to none and there were no faults or flaws in the construction.

The Heaven II, being the cheaper option, should not sound as good as the Heaven IV. That being said they still sound impressive. They have great presence and have rich lows and mids.
I felt however they were a bit lacking In the top-end. They sounded best with bass heavy dance music tracks.
The track that brought out the best of these earphones for me was “One more day” by Example. The baseline and piano sounded rich and punchy and the vocals were not overshadowed by the bass thankfully. There was also great noise isolation from outside sounds and let me hear the music even in loud public spaces.

All in all, these earphones are a good and I would personally use them as my daily in ear monitor. They might be a bit bass heavy for some but I like that and for the low price of £69, you can’t really complain.

Heaven IV

The Heaven IV improves on what the Heaven II lacks. First of all they come with a very nice heavenivMG_0111stainless steel carrying case. The sound brings the bass and mids from the Heaven II but greatly improves on the top end and adds a lot more depth to the music. The combination of the rich bass and sparkling top end produces an almost perfect sound for me. The stand out track with these was definitely ”Right Here” by Rudimental. The vocals were a lot more prominent than with the Heaven II and the bass and mids sounded even better. The guitar riffs sounded really vivid. I also felt that the bass response was a lot more efficient on the Heaven IV.
After listening to the Heaven IV I would find it difficult to go back to the Heaven II, but is the jump up in sound performance worth double the price of the Heaven II?
I think it is as they are one of the best sounding in-earphones I have heard in a long time and even outperform some more expensive headphones.

Harry Smith
Price as tested: £69
Sound – 7/10
Comfort – 9/10
Fit and finish – 9/10
Value – 8/10
Overall – 8.25/10

Price as tested £139
Sound – 8.5/10
Comfort – 9/10
Fit and finish – 9/10
Value – 7.5/10
Overall – 8.5/10

I would recommend the Heaven II to someone on a tight budget but I would suggest they save up a bit more and buy the highly recommended Heaven IV as they are a huge improvement and are almost everything that I look for in an in-earphone; Even if the Heaven II is better value for money.
I highly rate both of these earphones!

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