Dorset-based specialist high-end hifi retailer Stone Audio say they are delighted to announce a special event on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April, to celebrate the arrival of the new range of Gamut Audio products.Gamut Lobster Chair & Footstool

Danish Gamut works exclusively with a small selection of hand-picked retailers worldwide. In the UK, Stone Audio are to demonstrate Gamut’s range of loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables in their Poole showroom, along with the Gamut Lobster Chair – “the world’s first audiophile hi-fi listening chair”.

Gamut’s head designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard, will be in attendance on both days to chat about the Gamut approach to audio design which lies at the heart of the products, and to answer your questions.

The Gamut systems on demonstration this weekend will be:

Gamut Lobster Chair and Footstool

System 1

RS7i floorstanding loudspeakers

D3i dual mono preamplifier

M250i mono power amplifiers

Gamut cabling throughout

Gamut Lobster Chair

System 2

RS5i floorstanding loudspeakers

D3i dual mono preamplifier

D200i stereo power amplifier

Gamut RS3i loudspeaker

System 3

RS3i standmount loudspeakers

Di150 integrated amplifier

Attendance is free of charge but to help plan numbers, please call to book your ticket for Friday evening (6.00pm – 9.00pm) or Saturday (10.30am – 5pm).


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