Danish manufacturers Gamut have unveiled the latest editions of their flagship loudspeakers: the Gamut RS9 stage_pair_small.jpeg-1Revised Superior Series, along with a new distribution model for the UK market.

Previewed at a number of audio shows in the latter part of 2013, the new Revised Superior (or RS) Series is available in all four models: the RS3, RS5, RS7 and RS9.

Like the original S-Series, the curved enclosures in the RS-Series are still based on an inner structure of laminated Finnish birch plywood. But now the outer skin consists of five layers of 2mm-thick real wood ash veneers cut into individual boards.

The cables used inside are Gamut’s own Wormhole Signatures: two pairs in a twisted formation.

To provide more direct support to both retailers and consumers, Gamut has set up a new distribution model in the UK. A selected number of Gamut “Preferred Dealers” are now being appointed across the UK. Gamut Preferred Dealers will have outstanding audio display and demonstration facilities and deliver the highest standards of staff expertise and customer service. They will also be able to display and demonstrate a complete Gamut hi-fi system. The selection process is currently underway, and Gamut is delighted to announce that Dorset’s Stone Audio has been appointed as the UK’s very first Gamut Preferred Dealer.

The RS Series is available now.
RS3, RS5, RS7 and RS9 available in white oiled ash or black coloured ash.
UK prices (incl. VAT):

RS3 £11,850
RS3 column (bolt-on stand) £3,550
RS5 £23,100
RS7 £29,050
RS9 £74,000


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