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GIK Acoustics has announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has issued utility patent US 9,091,060 for GIK’s proprietary design of its acoustic gikstandabsorbers.

The patent covers the design and construction of GIK Acoustics’ 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology, and Monster Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology. GIK Acoustics’ patented design begins with a two-frame system that allows low end frequency waves to be absorbed from the sides and back while the frame maintains a crisp, sharp edge. The design provides a built-in air gap which increases low end absorption, but also allows the panel to hang truly flush on the wall using an integrated wire on the back.

Additionally US Pat. 9,091,060 encompasses GIK’s proprietary FlexRange Technology membrane system which offers customers a choice to control the frequency range that’s absorbed. Without a membrane, their 244 Bass Traps and Monster Bass Traps are broadband. With a membrane, these bass traps absorb even lower frequencies while the membrane has less effect absorbing upper frequencies.

Company founder and president, Glenn Kuras says, “We have been working on and perfecting the effectiveness of our absorbers and am so proud of the exclusive rights to the design and method of build. The patented design truly sets GIK Acoustics apart from the competition and defines the standards we set for ourselves.”


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