The first Gold Note Audio Rack is called GALILEO in honour to the Florentine genius born in the middle of 1500, probably the most illuminated physician, mathematician, astronomer and engineer of the 2° Millennium.image-7

GALILEO Rack design combines several different details derived from Gold Note turntables, the Bellagio Conquest and the Mediterraneo and designed to offer both dampening and a beautiful unique design.image-10

The rack’s anti-seismic design of the shelves, made of a triple layer solid Italian walnut wood interfaced with a 3mm stainless steel layer held together by 16 stainless bolts giving a total thickness of 45mm and weighing 25 kilos per module.

The Galileo shelf dimension is 700x650mm and can handle 100kilos units each.

Galileo is offered with solid, finely machined aluminium hourglass feet with giant interfacing Bronze inserts.

The foot is recessed 10mm into the wooden shelf and they are coupled to each other with a 30x48mm giant Bronze threaded insert.

Galileo is a fully modular design audio rack allowing any custom design system starting from a single shelf rack.


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