Goldnote is an Italian High-End audio manufacturer based in Florence, Italy. They have announced their latest Goldnote_Bellagio_turntableturntable, the Bellagio Conquest and at €48 000 it’s set to turn a few heads.

The Bellagio is a high mass (165Kilos) floorstanding turntable with a 270mm platter spindle and a fully adjustable high torque motor. The spindle is made from carbon steel whist the turntable’s bearing is made of polished bronze with tolerances of 1/100mm. The torque of the motor can be adjusted which Goldnote say can change the musical character of the turntable – all this can be done by the remote control unit.

To maximise stiffness and resonance feedback the Bellagio uses thirteen curved plinths which are interfaced with titanium spacers and joined to each other with solid block aluminium uprights.


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