Goldnote introduce their new 1000 series with the CD-1000 CD player and PA -1175 stereo amplifier, their first stereo amplifier in over 20 years of designing electronics.  The overall look has been created by architect Stefano Bonifazi and they are designed and handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.


High quality CD player with full resolution 24/192 USB, coax and optical vertically integrated converter.  It has a unique modular design providing a variety of external units including two Class-A tube output stages, atomic master clocks and high power supplies. The structure is made of solid machined steel and thick aluminium panels to guarantee low frequency resonance, vibration control and a low magnetic inertial field. There is also an option for a preamp and stereo analogue input stage.



The PA-1175 merges the knowledge of the Goldnote Demidoff single ended amplifiers with a higher power rate, it is a 175Watt per channel @ 8ohm Stereo Power Amplifier bridgeable to have a mono 350Watt per channel.  The adjustable Goldnote  Damping Factor allows for easy switching between low sensitivity speakers and easy load monitors.

Goldnote have said that they have embarked on a major restructuring of their distribution network and are actively seeking new distributors for foreign markets.


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