It’s the new record from Moshi Moshi signings Happyness, who are releasing the follow-up to their acclaimed cult hit debut album, ‘Weird Little Birthday’, on April 7th this year. This new album “Write In” was recorded in their studio, right above a now-demolished old book shop, and is said take in a much wider range of influences, highlighting many new sides to the band’s song writing style. With the band only gaining more steam and heading for promising things by all accounts, it was only right that this little piglet here got her hands on it for a listen to see what all the hype is about!

Upon listening to this album the first thing that sprung to my mind was how it had the same styling as many of the bands as are featured in some of my favourite soundtracks from film and games. With tracks like ‘Falling Down’ being wonderfully reminiscent of the music shown to us by the likes of Syd Matters in Obstacles, William Henries & Micheal Holbornin Sunbird and alt-J in Something Good, as in the soundtrack belonging to the videogame Life Is Strange.

Further tracks, like ‘The Reel Starts Again’ and ‘Through Windows’ plus other gave the feel that the slow smooth tunes that conjured feeling of romance and calm through cool collected vocals and simple but beautiful guitar, making for a truly relaxed listening session that was perfect for me.

Other bands also sprung to mind when listening to this album that I would use as a recommendation basis for anyone looking for something new. With those being Velvet Underground, Big Star, Pavement and Sparklehorse.

Overall, I found this album a true pleasure to listen to. For a joyfully relaxing experience listening with friends or after a long day on my own this album by Happyness will certainly deliver just that… Happiness. So if you’re after something for a calming listening session then I would happily recommend this album.

Lauren Coombes

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