The Elixir, from Budapest based Heed Audio is a compact five-input integrated amplifier with built-in phono stage and dedicated headphone amplifier, that is designed to provide the renowned Heed sound quality in a one box solution at a lower price point than the existing Heed products. A Class A headphone amplifier and enhanced MM phono stage provide increased functionally for users wanting a simple audio solution. Utilising the capacitor coupling principle borrowed from the Heed Audio TransCap amplifiers, such as the award winning Obelisk SI, ensures a similar sound quality and power output. The power amplifier output of 50W per channel at 8 ohms, or 65W into 4 ohms, provides plenty of power for the loudspeakers connected to the Elixir, enabling use of pretty well any model the user chooses. With four pairs of RCA line inputs, one pair of RCA MM phono inputs and two pairs of 4mm speaker connectors, along with a pair of pre-amp outputs, Elixir specifications are kept simple for the beginner, but afford expandability if so required.Elixir_heed_news

Alpar Huszti, Heed Audio’s marketing and sales manager, says the Elixir, “Is the perfect amp to kick-start the new range that is specifically targeted at those new to world of hi-fi.” He continues, “A lot of hard work and effort has gone into researching and developing this product to create an amp at such a low price that is on par with the higher priced Heed Audio amplifiers, making the Elixir perfect to consumers looking to the first step, or who are looking for a cost effective and fuss-free way of playing their newly rediscovered vinyl collection.”

Elixir is available in two colours;  elegant silver and  ember-like black and is priced at £750.


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