Increcable, who have been manufacturing audio and video components since 2002, have launched new products and will be showing at CES 2017 in the Venetian Hotel Suite 29-137, 5th – 8th January 2017.

IPC iSupply Power Clarifier

The enclosure of the Power Clarifier is based on a double chassis made entirely from metal. This creates a closed shield, protecting the inside filter and power distribution system from RFI noise. The main element of the IPC-6GB or IPC-8GB Power Clarifier is a set of passive filters and a system of voltage distribution to the separate sockets. The noise from the power grid is filtered in a circuit using low inductance capacitors and over-current and over-voltage limiters in the form of audio grade resistors. The whole circuit is mounted in a double-sided PCB with DCT silver plated 6N OFHC or DCT pure silver iPower Cable of high cross-section. Each socket is wired separately The power strip is also equipped with three LEDs signalling correct function and a polarisation detection circuit signalling proper power line polarity or grounding problems.

IPC-6GB MSRP: $1,250.00/set (2017 New version with analogue and digital Grounding Point function)

IPC-8GB  MSRP: $1,250.00/set (2016 Upgraded Edition with Grounding Point function)

Current rating:                        15 amps

Operating Voltage:                100  to 120 VAC  and  200 to 240 VAC

Spike Protection Modes:        L-N, N-G, L-G, zero ground leakage

Spike Clamping Voltage:       850V peak @ 3,200 amps, 100 or 240 VAC RMS

Response time:                      1 nanosecond

Maximum surge current:      14,500 amps (8 x 20ms pulses)

Maximum spike energy:       420 Joules per mode, 1,250 Joules total.

Noise attenuation:                 > 15 dB @ 10 KHz,  > 55 dB @ 100 KHz,  > 110 dB @ 1-10MHz

Measurement:                       32cm x 14cm x 8cm (L x W x H)

Weight:                                  5 kg / IPC-6,  6 kg / IPC-8 

iBLOCK Vibration Control tools

The MVD-1 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler features black PVC with, non-stick neoprene surface, footprint sized 50mm x 50mm. They take loads up to 45 Lbs (20Kg/ each). Featuring MVCT Mechanical Vibration Control Technology, iBLOCK series tools allow for isolation both vertically and horizontally starting at 20 Hz.

4pcs/set Suggested Retail Price:USD$72/set


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