Noyra is the new power conditioner/distributor from LAB 12 of Greece, following on from the Gordian, which Hifi Pig reviewed previously and that resides in our reference system.

Noyra is s a filtered 6 sockets output power filter/conditioner with 4 high filtered and 2 low filtered output sockets. LAB 12 told us: “We tried to keep some of the Gordian solutions and innovations in a simpler device”.

We use large cross section OFC copper conductors in all stages. We keep “star” connection topology for Ground, Live and Neutral path to avoid any current loops. Common and differential mode filters exists in power path of the high filtered outputs. A lighter filtering also exist in low filtered outputs. An overvoltage protection on all outputs protect your devices from any instant, overvoltage problems. All in a high grade PCB board. Our first target of Noyra development was same as Gordian. First to avoid any negative problems and effects. Then we arrange to suppress a high percentage of the most common power problems for Audio-Video systems in a house and offer a solid and secure, high current, power connection for your devices”.

On the back of Noyra there is a high current main switch so that you can power off or on the whole connected system. LAB 12 choose an OFC copper C14 IEC inlet and six industrial grade, output sockets for the unit. A shelf-mounted, solid chassis with a 5mm aluminium painted face plate that has three indicative LEDs completes the Noyra.


2 low filtering outputs

4 high filtering outputs

Common and differential mode filters

Overvoltage protection

Total output 3500W

Star design ground, phase, neutral

High current switch

OFC high grade cables

Anti-resonance construction





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