Leema Acoustics is demonstrating its Libra DAC/preamp at CES 2016, featuring 24-bit/384kHz playback over USB, upgradeable DAC modules, Bluetooth and more! (£5,995).

Leema Acoustics, founded and run by two ex-BBC sound engineers, will be demonstrating its new Libra DAC/preamp at CES 2016.CES_2016_Leema_1

Leema’s new flagship DAC, which was launched in the autumn of 2015, will head-up an all- British system including Leema’s Hydra power amps with loudspeakers from Spendor.

Leema’s Lee Talyor, the ‘Lee’ in Leema Acoustics, will be in attendance throughout CES to introduce the Libra and Leema’s innovative product range. Leema Acoustics can be found in the Bluebird Music room (Venetian Tower 29-211), which will also be home to Spendor and van den Hul for the event.CES_2016_Leema_Front

The Libra is the latest addition to Leema Acoustics’ flagship Constellation series and has the same precision-machined casework as the award-winning Tucana amp and Antila CD player. Designed and built by Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls (Leema), Libra’s simple-yet-elegant looks conceal class-leading technologies.

The Libra DAC/preamp is priced at £5,995 and is available now.


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