Karma-AV say they are delighted to announce the availability of the Mark-Levinson № 536 monaural power amplifier to UK dealers, installers and customers.  27425088062_d6272b2916_k

Engineered to deliver a substantial 400W into 8 ohms and 800W into 4 ohms, the № 536 will drive demanding loudspeaker loads to generous volume levels even in larger rooms. It is designed for exceptional sonic purity, stability, consistency and reliability, blending discrete class AB amplifier topology with Class A voltage gain and driver stages. No integrated circuits are used in the signal path.

The Mark Levinson № 536 includes an XLR balanced and an RCA unbalanced input, and provides two pairs of heavy-duty speaker binding posts fitted with Mark Levinson’s characteristic hurricane wings to facilitate secure speaker-cable tightening without tools.

The № 536 also includes Ethernet, RS-232 and 12V trigger inputs and outputs for integration with Mark Levinson preamplifiers, networked installations and control systems. EuP-compliant the amplifier will go into low-power standby mode when not in operation.

In keeping with all Mark Levinson audio components, the № 536 has a distinctively elegant appearance. Its unmistakable black and silver industrial design blends iconic Mark Levinson aesthetic elements with an angular, modern contemporary look.  More details here. 

Mark Levinson No 536 Monaural Power Amplifier typical retail price inc VAT: £14000.00 each and are available in July. Hifi Pig heard this and it’s matching preamplifier at Munich High-End and it is really something!


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