Mass Fidelity Inc., creator of ‘The Relay’ Bluetooth DAC, has announced The Core wireless speaker system, designed 20140902142929-DSC_0609_temp_600to be the “centre of users’ musical universe” and powered by an internal 120W digital amplifier.

“The Core uses a number of innovative acoustic technologies to create a stunning sound that mimics the experience of two separated Hi-Fi speakers, yet comes from a beautiful box that fits in ‘the palm of your hand” the company’s press release says.

“What makes the Core truly revolutionary is the use of innovative Wave Field Synthesis technology,” said Ben Webster, CEO and Co-Founder of Mass Fidelity. “Wave Field Synthesis is an entirely new way of rendering audio where a sound image is produced by recreating that sound in space – similar to a hologram. This astonishing sound image can be ‘viewed’ from anywhere in the room. It is purer and sounds better than traditional stereo, because it does not rely on the listener’s position or on ‘tricking the brain’ with psychoacoustics.”

In explaining the technology the company comments “Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) is an audio rendering technique that produces a sonic image that sounds like two widely placed Hi-Fi speakers. Wave Field Synthesis causes sound to emanate from virtual starting points (in this case, ‘The Core’) and continue to move along pathways, creating a lifelike sound image as each of the waveforms collide at a point in space. Unlike conventional stereo that is designed to trick the brain with clever psychoacoustic processes, WFS reconstructs the sound field physically, making it the purest and cleanest audio representation. It is a technology that has been touted as the obvious next step in acoustic rendering since the late 80’s but because of its demanding computing requirements, hadn’t been viable to implement as a high quality solution in a consumer product – until now”.

Users of The Core can access and play music however and wherever they want – streaming straight from a smartphone or tablet or via digital and analogue sources using a wired connection. Without having to download apps or configure networking equipment, users can instantly connect up to nine units to create a multi-room music experience with the touch of a single button.

The Core will be priced at £499 in the UK market.


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