McIntosh has now introduced its CES-launched MB50 network music player to the UK, bringing high-resolution wireless music streaming using DTS Play-Fi® technology to a range of connected devices in the home.

McIntosh’s new MB50 high-performance standalone streaming audio player is now available in the UK, following its debut at CES 2016. The new device has been designed to integrate high-quality Wi-Fi music streaming into a wide range of home audio systems. Its compact form factor also makes it ideal for McIntosh’s own MXA70 integrated audio system and MHA150​ headphone amp, bringing high-quality music streaming to both units.

McIntosh go on to say: “The MB50 delivers the legendary McIntosh sound quality and performance found in the company’s other home audio products and is based upon DTS Play-Fi® technology for wireless audio control and playback over Wi-Fi. Music collections stored on DLNA networked devices can be accessed, controlled and played back using the dedicated Play-Fi app, available for Android and Apple devices, plus Windows desktop systems. In addition to accessing networked music collections, the app has built-in support for a variety of music streaming services including: Deezer; KKBox; Pandora®; QQMusic; Rhapsody; SiriusXM®; Songza; Spotify® and TIDAL (list subject to change and service dependent on geographical location). The MB50 is incredibly versatile and can also be used as a preamp. The device offers a huge range of connectivity options, including analogue and digital inputs, balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs, plus two digital outputs, giving incredible flexibility when introducing music streaming to existing devices and systems around the home. With source components connected, the MB50 can stream audio to other DTS Play-Fi® devices on the network (such as the McIntosh RS100​) via ‘Line-In Streaming’, this allows music stored on physical media (and previously limited to playback in just one room, such as CD) to be accessible in any room. For streaming in multiple locations around the home, additional MB50s can be connected to audio systems, with full app control. DTS Play-Fi® offers benefits over other streaming options and features Critical Listening mode giving native playback of up to 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution files with no down-sampling. Plus, the MB50 supports a wide range of formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV files. Dual Wi-Fi antennas help to ensure a strong network connection for uninterrupted playback and the MB50 can also be hardwired to networks using a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor (not included). The classic black glass front panel, stainless steel chassis and custom-machined brushed-aluminium end-caps make the MB50 a stunning addition to any audio system”.

Pricing and availability

The MB50 is available now from dealers priced at £2,750


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