Meridian Audio has introduced a new range of Digital Active In-wall Loudspeaker models, initially consisting of two full-range loudspeakers and a subwoofer. The first models in the new range include the DSP520, the DSP630 plus an in-wall subwoofer, the DSW600.

The sonic inspiration for the in-walls was Meridian’s development work on the unique M6 loudspeaker released earlier in 2012. This tall, conical loudspeaker features a 140mm bass driver and an 85mm wide-range driver, and the same drivers are used in the in-wall systems, giving the DSP520 a comparable performance and sound to the M6, while the larger unit provides even more impressive performance with higher sound pressure levels and extended bass. The subwoofer is designed to directly complement the full range loudspeakers and integrate with them to form a ‘super-speaker’.

Key Points

The loudspeaker array is built into self-contained enclosure that mounts into back-box.

All aspects of the design including baffle and grille have been developed for maximum dispersion and listening area plus minimum unwanted diffraction.

When combined with the Media Source 200, the In-wall loudspeakers provide an elegant Digital Media System zone.

Price TBC


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