Having been a bit of a fan of Lemmy and his cohorts in our early years (and still to this day it has to be said) it’s with a great deal of interest that Hifi Pig read the news that Motorhead had launched their very own brand of headphones on to the market and felt compelled to include them in our hifi news.

There are three over the ear models to choose from and a couple of IEMs with different finishes. All come suitably named with monikers such as Bomber, Iron Fist and Motorizer for the over ear models and Overkill and Trigger for the IEMs.

The over ear models come in any colour you like as long as it’s black and the IEMS come in black silver or brass and all are suitably liveried with Motorhead logos and detailing.

The website has the following to say about the Motorheadphones – “No weak-kneed, lily-livered, tin-pot and skinny sounding little pieces of garbage, no, that ain’t Motörhead’s style. These are headphönes designed to deliver everything louder than everything else BUT with the sort of range, clarity and TRUE rock reproduction you’d expect from a band of road warriors who have been at the top of the tree year after year.”

Prices for the over ear headphones are £79.99 – 129.99 and the IEMs come in at £39.99 or 49.99.



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