MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) now offers decoder implementations for an expanding range of platforms, allowing content and playback partners to quickly and easily incorporate MQA into both existing and new products.

The XMOS X200-based reference decoder board (pictured) is available from MQA making evaluation straightforward. Manufacturers can effortlessly experience the benefits of MQA on a bench, or as part of hardwiring an ‘outboard dongle’ for additional testing. The board can also help drive product design ideas for future MQA implementations.mQa_CES2016

In addition, the decoder has been ported to a growing range of platforms, and pre- compiled libraries are available directly from MQA for Microchip’s PIC32, ARM A7 and A9 processors, and Imagination’s MIPS processors. MQA is also supported by Imagination’s Caskeid wireless audio platform.

X86 and Linux implementations are also available, while FPGA, Analog Devices’ SHARC+, Microchip’s CY920 and Synopsys ARC (AS221BD) development is under way and is expected to be available Q1 2016. Additional platforms will be announced shortly.

MQA offers full professional support from its expert team of software and hardware engineers for manufacturers wishing to incorporate a decoder into existing or projected products with minimum delay.

Please contact MQA at for full details of the range of development and support options available. CES International visitors can see MQA at CES Unveiled or visit the MQA team in the Venetian for a wide range of MQA partner demonstrations including Meridian, Mytek, Bluesound, AURALiC, TIDAL, Pioneer, Onkyo and HTC.

MQA CES Locations

CES Unveiled, 4th January 2016, 4:00pm – 7:30pm (PST)

Mandalay Bay, Level 0, South Pacific Ballroom, Stand 119

The Venetian, 30-335, MQA Suite


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