MrSpeakers has worked with legendary headphone designer, Bruce Thigpen (founder of Eminent-Technology andEther_news pioneer of numerous planar magnetic speaker technologies), to produce ETHER, a new planar-driven pair of open-backed, on-ear headphones.  They have produced a new kind of Planar technology, the V-Planar, with extra knurling.  ‘What is knurling?’ you ask, apparently knurling turns the flat planar driver into a more relaxed, accordion shaped zig-zag that prevents driver stretch but allows some ‘give’ at the same time. ETHER also features precision machined aluminium baffle, pivots and gimbals,  NiTinol memory metal head-band for low weight and added comfort, flat ear-pads to reduce weight and enhance the sonic seal, Italian leather with micro-suede headband and  lamb’s leather ear-pad coverings.

Price will be £1,150 for the standard version and £1,250 for the ETHER plus an enhanced cable design.


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