Russ Andrews Accessories has introduced the X4 Block and X6 Block mains extensions with built X414s1_webin Silencer technology, complementing their X2 Block and incorporating the company’s UltraSocket mains sockets and aiming to provide a secure and quiet mains supply connection for up to four or six pieces of equipment respectively.

The new blocks are anufactured from impact and fire resistant ABS plastic and internally wired with Kimber TCX mains cabling. Ultra Sockets with DCT treated nickel-plated high pressure contacts, originally specified for the company’s top of the range Ultra PurifierBlock, are fitted throughout the X Block.

Each block is fitted with the Russ Andrews SuperClamp surge protection technology and Silencer mains filter.

A 10A IEC input socket provides flexibility for the user to specify the type and length of mains cable to connect the X Block to the wall socket.

Chairman of the company, Russ Andrews, says, “When we launched the X2 Block a few years ago the purpose was to provide a high quality extension and connection for people who only have a simple hi-fi system with two components, for example an amplifier and CD player and who didn’t need larger blocks. Such was the reaction to the improvements in sound quality that we were repeatedly asked for ‘more of the same please’.” He continues, “By adding the new X4 and X6 Blocks to the range we have brought the high performance benefits of the X2 Block to a much wider audience, while at the same time maintaining an attractive price.”

X2 Block with Silencer £169
NEW X4 Block with Silencer £259
NEW X6 Block with Silencer £349


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