Estelon celebrates its 5th anniversary with the launch of a new product “Model YB”

It’s been a successful five years for Estelon the company’s latest press release says. Each year a new model has been introduced to the X Series, leading to numerous awards and recognitions worldwide, the most prominent of which has been the Estelon’s flagship “Extreme” which Hifi Pig was lucky enough to experience at Munich High-End and it is bot extreme and amazing in sound and concept.

Years of research and development have led to a new handmade line of products called “Y Series” which compared to the X Series, represents new design, materials and technologies.estelonyb

The first product from the Y Series – Model YB – has now been revealed. “Its sculpture like elegant design by Alfred Vassilkov once again brings freshness to the loudspeaker market”  The left and right speakers are asymmetric and designed as a matching pair. “The elegant twists heading in opposite directions make these speakers look like jewels in exquisite interiors”.

“The sound they deliver meets Estelon’s highest standards. It is pure, natural and life-like. It re-creates the original soundscape and makes the music sound unbelievably real, making you believe that “You are there”, at the concert” the company say.

Technical Data:

3-way (Drivers: 8” Woofer, 5,25“ Mid-woofer, 1” Beryllium Tweeter; with removable grilles); Frequency Response: 30 – 40 000 Hz

Power Rating: 150 W

Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms

Sensitivity: 86dB/2,83 V

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1285x365x430mm

Net Weight: 40kg per piece.

Speaker cabinets are cast of composite material.

Manufacturer’s recommended price in Europe for Model YB is €15 900.

Standard finish is Black Matte. Black Gloss and White Gloss available at €16 900.

Preorders start now, estimated shipping from March 31st, 2016.


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