Bryston has announced the introduction of four compact analogue solutions for vinyl enthusiasts—three phono stage preamplifiers and a matching outboard power supply. These new small form factor devices join the BUC-1 (a digital to digital converter outputting asynchronous USB) and the BOT-1 (CD ripper and player for the Bryston digital music players) also constructed in the same compact chassis. The new phono preamplifiers all feature Bryston’s 20-year warranty and are expected to become available from authorized Bryston dealers in December, 2015.TZJe1kNsedgiKFe_c4CblEaGh53Kdk3YpGqkbeMagMo

In addition to a sustained interest in analogue records and related gear, consumer feedback on the look and practicality of Bryston’s first two compact devices was highly positive. “We have spoken to so many consumers out there who bought a quality A/V receiver and would now like to start playing records—but they have no phono stage,” explained Bryston VP James Tanner. “This lineup of analogue solutions addresses every possible need, delivering audiophile performance designed to fit on just about any A/V rack or shelf,” added Tanner. Bryston is also considering a DAC, power amplifier and preamplifier to complete the small chassis product line. sgGxN6Jk-9AJMwd8AG9S5oCDBCqcrSRC7mBRL_av8_0

Completed prototypes of the new phono preamplifiers will be on display at 2015 CEDIA, Booth 7018.


The Bryston small enclosure phono preamplifiers include the model BP-2 MM (for moving magnet cartridges), the BP-2 MM/MC (for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges) and the TF-2 step-up transformer (for low-output moving coil cartridges). Both the MM and the MM/MC units require an outboard power supply called the PS-3, also constructed in a matching small chassis. Bryston customers who currently own a BP-26 preamplifier with the MPS-2 power supply can use the MPS-2 (instead of the PS-3) with either compact phono stage. The TF-2 requires no outboard power supply. The BP-2 MM has four settings (100-400 pF) to match the output of any moving magnet cartridge, and the TF-2 can be ordered with either 20dB of gain (for cartridges less than 45Ω) or 31dB of gain (for cartridges less than 5Ω).HhYiaYvy0D462LQd1jZbmyn7ItwK_mAcWZjg7jGtcZA

Target MSRP Pricing: BP-2 MM $800, BP-2 MM/MC $1750, TF-2 $1500, PS-3 $1000


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