Chester Group, the company that brings audio shows to Australia, UK and Sweden will be the host of this coming weekend’s Audio and AV Show in New York.

The New York Audio and Av Show will take place in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 301 Park Avenue on Friday 13, Saturday 14 and April 15.

This is set to be a great event for audiophiles and as well as plethora of exhibitors there will also be host of performers including Amber Rubarth, Louise Rogers, Valerie Joyce, Attention Screen and Jessy Tomsko who will perform in the 18th Floor, Starlight Roof room of the hotel. The Starlight will also serve as the registration area and on Friday and Saturday nights Bill Pfeiffer will DJ through a half a million dollar Burmester sound system.

There will be the usual raft of seminars and one that particularly caught the eye of Hifi Pig is Alan Sircom’s “The State We’re In – Rebooting High End Audio”.

At last count there were 105 exhibiting companies including: Abingdon Music Research, Audio Note UK, Blue Light Audio, Brinkmann audio, Burmester, Cayin, Cessaro Horn Acoustics, darTZeel, Emm Labs, Hansen Audio, Harbeth Audio, Kaiser Akustik, Kef, Lavry Engineering, Manley Labs, MBL, Pass Labs, TAD, TRON Electric, VAC, VPI and Woo Audio.


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