roksponsmallNoble Audio, the Californian in-ear monitor specialist, has appointed London’s biggest headphone and portable audio specialist, Audio Sanctuary, as an official UK partner (alongside Aid2Hearing). This makes Noble available directly in the UK, both online and in-store. Audio Sanctuary now stocks all models in the new five-strong Classic line-up of universal-fit IEMs, the K10U and the brand new nine-driver Katana.

Commenting on the new appointment, Brannan Mason, Noble Audio’s Co-owner said: “I am delighted we have partnered with an experienced audio retail specialist in the UK that offers both the convenience of purchasing online and the ability for customers to try to products in person at their physical location.” Phil Wannell of Audio Sanctuary added: “We’re exceptionally pleased to be able to offer the Noble Audio range of universal IEMs to our clients who aspire to the very best. The balanced armature technology and unique design offers our clients something special.”

Noble’s high-performance in-ear monitors are also available in custom-fit form (using alternative materials) from Noble Audio’s Harley Street-based audiologist, Gisele Flower of Aid2Hearing. Gisele offers ear impression-taking both at her London clinic and off-site by appointment. She will also will continue to stock and sell Noble’s universal-fit models to new and existing customers, complementing Audio Sanctuary’s online and in-store efforts.

Pricing and availability

All models are available from Audio Sanctuary (and Aid2Hearing) now.

Trident: £275
Savanna: £350
Savant: £420
Dulce Bass: £485
Django: £695

K10U: £1,150
Katana: £1,350


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