California’s Noble Audio will be showing its full range and offering free impression-taking for its custom products at CanJam London 2015 this weekend. Noble Audio will be presenting demonstration models of the Noble 3, Noble 4, Noble 5, Noble 6, the ten-driver Kaiser 10U and the new Savant IEMs.Noble_canjam_1

Noble Audio’s UK agent, Gisele Flower, a high-profile professional audiologist with a regular consultancy in Harley Street, will also be on-hand offering free impression-taking (worth £50) for any purchase from the custom product line. Gisele is known as the ‘musician’s audiologist’ and her clients include some of the world’s best-known musicians and bands. Gisele will be at CanJam on Saturday the 29th for a limited period. The free impression-taking is available on a first-come first-served basis.Noble_canjam_2

CanJam London 2015, Hotel Russell, 1-8 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5BE

Saturday, August 29th, 2015, 9am to 6pm

Sunday, August 30th, 2015, 9am to 5pm


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